3 Reasons Behind Water Heater Failure

water leak through the heating radiator tube nut

Having a fully operational water heater in your home at all times is essential. If your heater has rumbling noise, is leaking water, produces cold water or water with a metallic taste, it’s time to have the system checked. For water heater repair in Rosedale, CA, our plumbers from The Plumbing Doc can help you look into the issues affecting your system. Here are some of the reasons behind water heater failure.

Buildup of sediments in the heater

When heating water, sediments settle at the bottom of the heater due to the separation of mineral deposits. With time, the deposits increase, creating a blockage in the heater, resulting in failure. Cleaning the heater often can help set free the deposits, reducing the possibility of damage. Our plumbers will always advise you on the best solution. If possible, we can replace your heater with a tankless water heater giving you a long-term solution.


Water heaters have metal rods called anodes that prevent corrosion. Although with time, they tend to wear out, which exposes the heater to rusting. Schedule professional water heater services to help you find a solution to any future cases of rust.

Old age

No matter the amount of maintenance or repair you conduct on your water heater, old age is inevitable. Once the heater ages, you should expect frequent failure. With our expert water heater installation services, we are here to ensure that your heater is up and running in the shortest time possible.

Water heater issues are best handled with the help of a professional. Whether you need a simple repair, full water heater replacement, or timely sewer inspection, The Plumbing Doc is ready to help. We are a team of dedicated professional plumbers and will offer you the assistance you need. Schedule an appointment today.



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