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Low Water Pressure

Low Water Pressure Plumbing Doc plumber pipe

Low water pressure in your Bakersfield home or business is more than an annoyance. A sudden or gradual change in your water pressure could indicate a larger problem in your plumbing system. The professional plumbers at The Plumbing Doc work with state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to thoroughly inspect your plumbing, locate and identify the issues, and present you with viable low water pressure solutions. Low water pressure could be causing damage to your property and increasing your monthly utility cost. If you experience this issue, call our professional Bakersfield plumbing team for fast, friendly service.

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What Causes Low Water Pressure?

A number of plumbing challenges could be responsible for your low water pressure. Basic daily chores like washing the dishes or showering become laborious because of the inconvenience. While there are several possible causes of low water pressure, it’s not particularly uncommon. Our highly skilled team will complete an inspection, looking for the common reasons behind low water pressure, and provide a solution that will solve your problem. Low water pressure is often caused by:

  • Aging Pipes: Old iron pipes are especially susceptible to corrosion and can inhibit the flow of water. It’s impossible to identify the extent of corrosion without the tools of a professional plumber. A camera inspection will reveal if aging pipes are the issue.
  • Failed Pressure Regulator: It’s possible for each faucet in your home to experience low water pressure if the pressure regulator fails. The regulator is connected to pipes just outside your home. Our team can test the regulator to see if it is the problem.
  • Mineral Buildup: Your pipes, faucet nozzles, and shower heads can collect mineral buildup overtime. If you notice a gradual change in your water pressure, having a professional plumber inspect and clean the mineral buildup could solve your problem.
  • Pipe blockage: A clogged or blocked pipe can lead to low water pressure. Natural corrosion can cause rust or debris to clog the pipes, slowing your flow of water. Attempting to clear your pipes with store-bought methods may further damage your plumbing system. Rely on the pros to restore your water pipes to normal.

While these are some of the most common reasons you experience low water pressure, it’s not an exhaustive list. Each plumbing situation is unique. The skilled technician with The Plumbing Doc can determine exactly what’s causing your issue and remedy the problem quickly.

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Repair Low Water Pressure

In order to determine the exact cause of your low water pressure problem, our team will perform perform a thorough camera inspection inside your pipes. A high-resolution camera is attached to a malleable cable. The cable is inserted into an existing opening in your plumbing system and guided through the pipes to pinpoint the location of the issue. Once the blockage or other source of the problem has been discovered, our technicians will work quickly to replace any necessary parts, clear out your water line, or adjust your valves.

Solve Low Water Pressure with the Best Plumbers in Bakersfield

If low water pressure is plaguing your home or business, it’s time to call a professional Bakersfield plumber. The skilled technicians at The Plumbing Doc will examine your plumbing system to discover the source of the problem. Our courteous staff is ready to schedule your appointment today.

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