Common Sewer Problems You May Encounter

Corroded sewer pipe in Stockdale, CA

As leading local providers of general sewer services and sewer repair in Stockdale, CA, we here at The Plumbing Doc have seen it all when it comes to sewer line troubles. The following issues are among the most common problems that we’re called in to address on a regular basis.

Partial and Complete Obstructions

A residential or commercial sewer line is the recipient of all the hair, grease, food waste, clothing fibers and other objects that get discarded through the property’s sinks, showers, toilets and laundry drains. Over time, these materials can build up inside the pipeline until the flow of sewage is completely obstructed. Periodic cleaning is needed to prevent this problem from causing a sewage back-up or contributing to the need for more advanced sewer pipe line repair work.

Pipeline Corrosion

Sewer lines are prone to developing corrosion due to prolonged contact with wastewater. Naturally occurring substances found in the soil can also contribute to this problem. If corrosion is allowed to continue without the implementation of timely sewer line repair or relining, the piping can become weakened to the point that it begins to crack or collapse.

Tree Root Damage

A pipeline with small cracks or separations caused by corrosion, settling, or other problems may be invaded by tree roots that enter the line in search of nutrients and moisture. In addition to contributing to sewer line back-ups, the growing roots may create additional damage to the line unless they’re properly removed and the damaged line restored with prompt sewer repair services.

Don’t hesitate to contact The Plumbing Doc at the first sign of sewer line issues on your property. We’ll gladly schedule an appointment to evaluate your system and offer you a range of sewer line replacement or repair solutions aimed at fixing the problem right away. Contact us today to learn more.



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