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How to Diagnose a Clogged Sink in Your Bakersfield Home

One of the most inconvenient aspects of property ownership is dealing with clogged drains. Whether it’s the shower, kitchen sink, or toilet, you know you’re in for a ride when water starts pooling. Don’t panic and grab harmful chemicals that could potentially damage your pipes. Take a deep breath and let The Plumbing Doc walk you through the issue. We’ve been providing the Bakersfield area with superior drain cleaning solutions since 2004, and we’re here to help you determine exactly what you’re dealing with.

Clogged Drain Indicators

There are several indicators that your drain is on its way to clogging or is already stopped up. Slow draining is a major red flag. If the water you use is slowly swirling before receding back into the pipe, you are probably dealing with build-up that will only get worse, until you have full-on backflow. Backflow is an unpleasant experience from any drain, but especially the toilet. When you have a nasty clog, the water has nowhere to go but back to the surface, so it spills over into the area it was initially attempting to escape.

Other Indicators

Foul odors are also an indication that something is stuck inside the pipeline. Maybe a piece of food became lodged in the kitchen sink drain and is rotting, or sewage is stuck in the sewer line. Either way, for both health and comfort reasons, rogue objects need to be cleared from pipes as soon as possible, before harmful bacteria begins to grow or more items get stuck and lead to flooding.

All of the listed grievances are symptoms of a clog and should be addressed by a professional. If you’re experiencing repeat clogging, and you keep clearing the issue yourself, you aren’t addressing the underlying problem. It is likely that your pipes contain sticky grease or build-up that can’t be cut through with liquid solutions and will need to be professionally addressed. Worse, if you are pouring liquid drain cleaner into your pipes, you could damage the sensitive interior.

You know when it’s time to address the functionality of your pipeline and drains. Don’t let an impending clog turn into a disaster.

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