How to Prevent Sediment Buildup in Water Heaters

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Sediment build-up happens when magnesium and calcium minerals settle at the bottom of our tank. It is also one of the most common water heater problems that homeowners with hard water encounter. Over time, sediment buildup can lead to other issues such as rusty water, leaks, and uneven temperatures. Fortunately, it’s easy to prevent sediment buildup in your water heater in Bakersfield, CA. The Plumbic Doc shares a few expert tips below:

Flush Your Tank Regularly

Flushing your tank regularly is important, especially if your home has hard water. While homeowners can flush their heater’s tank themselves, you can also have this done as part of our professional water heater services. We will first drain your tanks to clear away any particles on the surface. We will then block off your electricity before running hot water into the tank. The hot water is then drained out of the tank into buckets. Flushing the tank with cold water finishes up the process.

Invest in a Water Softener

Having a water softener system installed will remove excess minerals in your water and help prevent sediment buildup in your heater. You can have your water softener installed right after water heater installation to maximize your new unit’s lifespan and efficiency.

Maintain Optimal Water Temperature

Calcium and magnesium deposits appear when the water inside your tank becomes hotter than 120 degrees. Keeping your water temperature at an optimal level can help prevent sediment buildup and the need for premature water heater replacement. You can also consult your local plumbing company for tips to better maintain your unit.

The Plumbing Doc specializes in both tank and tankless water heater services. Our expert technicians have the proper knowledge and equipment and can provide you with lasting solutions for various water heater problems. Aside from water heaters, we also cater to general plumbing, drain cleaning, and sewer repairs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.



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