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Sewer Pipe Lining Bakersfield CA

Traditional sewer repair techniques typically involve a large-scale excavation of your sewer pipe. Not only can this method take a considerable chunk out of your budget, it can displace the landscaping and hardscaping you’ve worked so hard on, leaving your property’s curb appeal in ruins. If you need sewer pipe repairs on your Bakersfield property but are concerned about the time, cost, and hassle such a project would entail, you’ll be relieved to know The Plumbing Doc offers a safer, more affordable alternative method called sewer pipe lining.

Sewer pipe lining allows our experts to address a vast number of common sewer problems, all with very little digging needed to complete the job. In the sewer pipe lining process, we insert a liquid resin into the existing pipeline, ensuring that the resin has evenly coated the interior. This resin cures and hardens to adopt the diameter of your former pipe, sealing away cracks and leaks while resulting in a new, durable pipe that has a long lifespan and will function efficiently.

The high-quality materials used in our sewer pipe lining repairs also make it less likely that our customers will need to worry about future sewer pipe complications. This is because the epoxy creates a joint-free pipe that is both resistant to rust and corrosion while also preventing damage from tree root intrusions and cracks. In addition to lasting longer and needing fewer future repairs, trenchless pipe repairs can actually improve the function of your sewer system by increasing the flow capacity of your pipes. Because of this increased efficiency and durability, this trenchless solution not only saves our customers money in the initial installation, but for many years afterward as well.

We often recommend sewer pipe lining as the preferred solution because of the quick turnaround time for our customers. With sewer pipe lining, we only need to dig two small holes to access and repair the pipe underground, and our technicians can usually finish the repair project within 24 hours, rather than the weeks a traditional sewer repair can take. Since we don’t need to disturb your landscape to get the trenchless repair work done, you also won’t have to worry about all the potential complications of digging a large trench. Not only is the repair process more efficient and fast, we can save you thousands in restoration work on your landscaping.

The staff at The Plumbing Doc is licensed and highly trained to serve any of your pipeline needs with our trenchless equipment. With experience in the industry for over a decade, we are happy to bring our high-quality equipment, expert service technicians, and complete customer satisfaction to any type of residential or commercial pipeline project in the Bakersfield area. We’re so confident in the reliability of our work that we provide the best warranties on both our workmanship and our materials, and we’ll even match most of our competitors’ prices. Contact us today to learn more about how our innovative sewer pipe lining solutions can help you, and we will be happy to help.

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