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Trenchless Sewer Repair Bakersfield CA

You may not realize at the time, but delaying sewer repair work is one of the most damaging decisions you could be making for your home. If you are facing broken, clogged or corroded pipes, don’t let the problem become bigger – call us at The Plumbing Doc today and let us explain what’s happening with your pipes and then proceed to fix them.

Sewer lines can get damaged over time due to several reasons such as corrosion, blockages, leaks or intrusions from tree roots. Over time, the build-up of grease and foreign material in the pipes can cause them to crack as well.

As a homeowner, you may not realize what state your pipes are in because of them being located deep underground. However, if your pipes do stop operating properly, you will begin to notice signs on your property or a water bill that indicates the malfunction.

Take action before the damage gets worse

If you are worried about the excavation that might need to take place on your property and the mess it would make, stop panicking.  Our trenchless sewer repair methods are not intrusive and will keep your yard and landscaping intact, without creating any sort of mess or digs.

At The Plumbing Doc, our technicians are highly trained and have vast experience in sewer repair work. Not only can we identify the exact location of the fault in your pipes, we can also fix it within a matter of a day or two.  Our expert analysis will provide you with a full understanding of what’s happening with your system, how it can be restored and what course of action would work best in your situation.

For most sewer repairs, our plumbing technicians would excavate a small point in your yard to access the line that needs to be worked on.  Depending on the size of that line, we would use equipment that would allow us to burst in a new pipe without needing to remove the existing one.

With a large tapered bursting head being pulled in by a one-inch cable, the damaged line will be cracked into small pieces and pushed outwards. The new sewer line will then be pulled through the tunnel, which was left behind by the burst pipe.

Accurate services at reasonable costs

The traditional method of digging a trench and fixing damaged sewer systems can be quite expensive if you take into account all the labor work required and the restoration of your land once the repair work has taken place. This cost can be even heavier if the pathway to your pipes is buried under a stone deck or patio. To avoid these costs, mess and extensive work, our trenchless sewer repair system is the best option you can go with. We assure you that our services will leave you completely satisfied and stress-free about sewer leaks and blockages in the future.

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