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Drain Cleaning Delano, CA

If your drains are slow, or if you notice sewer odors coming from your plumbing fixtures, don’t wait – call your Delano drain cleaning specialists at The Plumbing Doc today. We offer hydro jetting, which uses highly pressurized water to break up clogs and leaves your pipes as good as new.

What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is an advanced technique that allows The Plumbing Doc to clear out pipe obstructions from common sources such as accumulated grease, hair, soap scum and mineral deposits. Even dense tree root clumps are no match for the powerful stream of water our specialized equipment creates. We recommend it to our customers as the most effective method of drain cleaning.

6 Benefits of Hydro Jetting for Clogged Pipes

  1. Comprehensive Cleaning With hydro jetting, we can thoroughly scour the interior of pipelines. Our system uses, on average, 5,000 PSI for a home system. The intensely pressurized cascade of water is sure to remove even the tiniest particles. When we hydro jet your pipes, you can be confident that we have rid your system of any obstructions, clogs or buildup, restoring the flow and function of your pipes.

  2. Removes Residue We expect a lot out of our sewer systems, and we often neglect to treat them as well as we should. Things that really don’t belong in your pipes – such as cooking scraps, grease, dirt and soap – all pass through your sewer pipeline on any given day. All these items leave behind residue, eventually resulting in pipe blockages. Hydro jetting allows our trained drain cleaning specialists at The Plumbing Doc’s to clear out this residue effectively, with long-lasting results.

  3. Reduces Bacteria Because of the nature of your sewer system, many strains of bacteria make their home inside your pipes. Not only do these cause the unpleasant sewer odor we are all familiar with, but bacteria are an obvious health hazard, as well. With hydro jetting, these bacteria get swept away from your pipes, along with all the other sludge that accumulates in your sewer pipeline.

  4. Minimally Intrusive Pipes in older homes are often fragile and vulnerable to damage. If a plumbing specialist were to enter the pipes to clean them, it can cause more issues than just a clog. However, when we hydro jet, we access your pipes through a cleanout, which allows us to scour the sewer system without ever having to touch the pipeline itself.

  5. Cost-Effective Hydro jetting can be a more budget-friendly solution than other pipe cleaning methods. Because the pressurized water clears out the plumbing system thoroughly, you won’t have to worry about scheduling drain cleaning sessions as frequently.

  6. Environmentally Friendly Hydro jetting is a responsible, eco-friendly practice that facilitates safe repair procedures that preserves the environment. We only use water to clean your pipes, which keeps harsh chemicals out of the environment. The machine itself is also energy-efficient, which reduces your carbon footprint and offers you greater peace of mind.

Call the Plumbing Doc for Eco-Friendly Drain Cleaning Services in California Today

With 25 years of local experience serving customers in the Delano, California, area, The Plumbing Doc should be your top choice when it comes to drain cleaning. Call us today at 661-836-1620 to schedule an appointment.

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