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Trenchless Sewer Repair Delano, CA

Broken plumbing produces a number of symptoms such as a high water bill, foul odor and constant clogging problems to residents and businesses throughout Delano, California. If any of these signs apply to your home or office, then it’s time to call the professionals and have your sewer line inspected as soon as possible. At The Plumbing Doc, our team is highly trained and fully equipped to handle most sewer pipe concerns. We can find out the exact source of your sewer problem using the latest tools and equipment. Best of all, we can carry out repairs without ever digging a single hole.

Cutting-Edge Video Camera Inspection in Delano

The Plumbing Doc has invested in the latest equipment to bring you unparalleled accuracy in sewer line inspections. Before, plumbers had to rely on methods that were sometimes based on educated guesses and were largely hit-or-miss, which wasted a lot of time for home and business owners.

Camera inspections can be carried out without any digging. All we need is a single existing access point, i.e., cleanouts and sink or bathtub holes. A tiny HD monitor and a recording device is attached to a flexible line and sent down the pipes. The equipment sends a crystal clear video feed to a monitor located above ground. Our technicians will be able to see the problem and provide an accurate diagnosis on the spot. This technology spots corrosion, tree root invasion, cracks, and even tiny issues like pinhole leaks.

Trenchless Sewer Repair Methods for Delano Homes and Businesses

When a diagnosis is set and the recommended solution is given, it only takes a day for our technicians to repair the ailing pipe and solve the problem.

Modern techniques allow the repair to be done completely above ground. Your hardscape, including driveways, patios, walkways and yard will be unaffected from start to finish. Trenchless sewer repair isn’t as disruptive as traditional repairs; in fact, businesses and homes can continue with their daily operations while the process is being done. All of this translates to less labor hours and less manpower needed, which in turn gives you a lot more savings.

There are two methods of trenchless pipe repair: pipe lining and pipe bursting.

For small issues such as cracked or leaking sewers or water lines, our technicians recommend the static pull system. CIPP, or cured in place pipelining involves the use of an inflatable liner dipped in a special epoxy resin, which gets inserted into the problem pipe. The liner gets blown up and the resin presses to the inner diameter of the pipe. After a few hours, the resin hardens and forms a new pipe within the old one.

For highly damaged water lines and sewer pipes, our technicians recommend trenchless pipe bursting. The old broken pipe is destroyed using a conical bursting head and the fragments are sent to the surrounding soil. At the same time, the new pipe is pulled in place in the exact location of the old one.

Contact the Plumbing Doc for an Eco-Friendly Sewer Repair in Delano

Experience the benefits of trenchless sewer repair in Delano, CA when you call The Plumbing Doc. You won’t have to dig up your precious yard. There’s zero pollution and less chances of ground contamination. Moreover, the repair is usually completed within a day, yet the new pipe material is expected to last 50 years or more.

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