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Getting the most life out of sewer lines is a common and understandable goal for many homeowners and business owners. Fortunately, this is often an achievable goal when you get some help from a plumber in Oildale, CA, from The Plumbing Doc. We accurately inspect and assess sewer lines and offer solutions tailored to specific needs.

Common Sewer Issues Local Area Residents Face

Any sewer concern you may have as a resident is reason enough to contact us. That said, there are some sewer issues that tend to be common within this area. The main ones involve:

  1. Damage from tree roots
  2. Structural issues related to ground or soil shifting
  3. Damage due to wear, age, or corrosion – common with older cast iron lines
  4. Weak spots around joints or connections to adjacent lines

Symptoms of Sewer Problems

The need for sewer line repair often becomes apparent when you start to notice signs or symptoms suggesting there's a problem. The more common indications include:

  • Backups, slow drainage, clogs, and similar issues affecting multiple drains
  • Gassy odors or other bad sewer-like smells
  • Wet spots on your lawn
  • Unusual patches of robust grass growth
  • Sinkholes and/or foundation cracks
  • Odd sounds like gurgling or bubbling when drains are used

Sewer Solutions We Provide

We offer traditional and trenchless solutions for sewer repair in Oildale, CA. A sewer inspection is advisable first with a high-resolution camera to determine which solution is appropriate. If trenchless methods are feasible, options include sewer lining and pipe bursting. With sewer lining, the existing pipe is given a new epoxy resin coating. The bursting method breaks up the old sewer line and inserts a new one in its place.

Benefits of Professional Repairs

The right approach to sewer pipe line repair is what protects your property and reduces the risk of having recurring drain issues. You may also benefit from a boost in property or home value by being diligent about the care of your sewer lines.

A trenchless approach is often appreciated thanks to advantages that include:

  • Little or no digging
  • No costly landscape or surface restoration
  • Long-lasting results
  • Extending the life of existing sewer lines for many years
  • Less time required – the work is often completed within a day or less
  • Less expense since we won't need to use heavy equipment

Is Replacement an Option?

If an initial sewer camera inspection shows significant damage, a lack of pipe stability, or a partial or full collapse, replacement is often what's recommended. You'll be pleased to know there are ways we can complete sewer line replacement that are still minimally disruptive. The two main options are pipe bursting and horizontal boring. Traditional methods can be used as well.

Contact Our Sewer ExpertsToday

The Plumbing Doc is always on call to provide sewer repair services. These include 24/7 access for urgent needs. We'll give you an honest diagnosis and let you know why we're recommending repair or line replacement so you can determine what's suitable for your situation and budget. Call us or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.



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