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Eventually, you will need a plumber in Rosedale, CA, from a trusted local company given how much the average person and household relies on hot water for various tasks. Fortunately, when your water heater needs some attention, The Plumbing Doc is always ready to diagnose the problem and offer an appropriate, affordable solution.

Types of Water Heaters

There are many options with water heaters today. The most common ones are standard gas and electric water heaters. These water heaters have a tank that holds the heated water and distributes it throughout your home. When properly installed and insulated, today's tank-based water heaters can be efficient and reliable.

If you prefer a major boost in efficiency, however, a tankless water heater is worth considering. Also referred to as "on-demand" water heaters, tankless models only provide heated water when it's needed. The result is the potential for significant long-term savings. Additionally, tankless units often last about twice as long as traditional water heaters. Some other types of water heaters available today include:

  1. Hybrid or heat pump water heaters
  2. Solar-powered water heaters
  3. Condensing water heaters that use your natural gas system to heat water

Common Water Heater Issues

You're welcome to call The Plumbing Doc for a water heater repair in Rosedale, CA, whenever your water heater is doing anything it's not supposed to do. When it comes to the issues that tend to be most common with water heaters, these are:

Water temperature issues

Possible culprits include a faulty or worn thermostat, pilot light, or heating element.


Water heater leaks can be caused by a broken or stuck pressure relief valve, a leaking tank, a bad gasket, and other mechanical issues, or loose connections.

Discolored water

Rusty or discolored water is often a sign of tank corrosion. It's typically an indication that the sacrificial anode rod needs replaced.

Odd noises

Strange sounds coming from your water heater are usually an indication of sediment buildup. This is a problem that can be minimized with regular flushing.

Symptoms to Check

Simply having a problem with your water heater doesn't necessarily mean you'll need another round of water heater installation. Nonetheless, it is important to give us a call as soon as you realize something out of the ordinary is going on with your current unit, such as:

  • A leaking tank
  • Leaks around water-carrying parts if you have a tankless model
  • Rusty, smelly, or discolored water
  • Lack of hot water or insufficient hot water
  • Strange sounds while your water heater is operating

Benefits of Professional Services

The main benefit of professional water heater replacement, repair, or installation service is it ensures you have reliable, safe access to hot water. Restored peace of mind is another perk, as is the ability to save money with a source of hot water that's efficient and functioning properly.

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The Plumbing Doc is on call 24/7 if you're in need of routine or urgent water heater services. No matter what's going on with your water heater or what your current needs are, expect top-notch, personalized service from start to finish courtesy of our licensed and insured team. Contact us today to make the most of our plumbing solutions.



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