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At The Plumbing Doc, our hydro jetting services are among the best in the industry. With advanced equipment and prices that everyone can afford. For any problem plaguing your drain pipes, we will have the solutions to get your pipes working properly again. We are proud to offer these services to our customers in the Shafter community and across the state of California.

Our hydro jetting services are favorably recommended to remove clogs in your pipes. Because of the adhesive nature of clogs, especially large ones comprised of sludge, fats, greases, tree roots, and more, forcing these clogs out of the drains requires more power then drain augers can generate. For clogs that have completely blocked the flow of wastewater through your pipes, hydro jetting cleaning services have the strength and safety required to restoring the flow and efficiency of your drains. With our services, your pipes are quickly cleaned with hydro jetting, saving you money, time, and easing your worries by eliminating problems before they can cause serious damage. Hydro jetting is so effective because it uses highly pressurized water to blast away any clogs in the pipes with a special nozzle and hose inserted into the drain through an access point. With a small number of machinery and tools needed to be completed and the speed and force of the water pressure, the process takes less than two hours to complete.

Our hydro jetting services are versatile and can be applied to a variety of pipeline types and sizes, including diameters as small as 3 inches and as large as the mainlines. We’re equipped with different tips and heads for the hydro jetting system, specialized for removing specific types of clogs, ensuring that we are equipped and prepared for anything. While our hydro jetting services are devoted to pipelines, we also have mini jetters that are specific for showers and sinks, able to clean pipes smaller than 1 or 2 inches. There aren’t any pipes that we can’t clean with our excellent hydro jetting services, and for your residential, commercial, and industrial properties, we have the tools required to restore your pipes in any setting.

Founded in 2004, at The Plumbing Doc, we have years of experience in the field and have honed our services and quality of work through constant application and a devotion to assisting all of our customers and ensuring that their pipeline problems are completely fixed. Our owner, Rick Clemmons, holds a variety of certifications and licenses for pipelining work and other fields of work, ensuring that he has the experience and means to work quickly and efficiently, as well as hire an excellent crew. Having built the company around the belief that the customers are the first priority, all of our technicians are trained to offer the best services available. We are intent on providing the best services possible for your home and business, and if you need our hydro jetting services to remove clogs and restore your pipes, call us at The Plumbing Doc for more information.



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