Sewer Pipe Bursting Shafter CA

We understand that there can be emergency problems in your Shafter, California home or business plumbing system. That’s why The Plumbing Doc offers sewer pipe bursting, which is a great emergency service and sewer repair solution. Call us today if you need these services. We offer professional and courteous service, with quick repairs and a promise to fix your problems easily and with no hassles along the way.

Benefits of Shafter Sewer Pipe Bursting

Sewer pipe bursting can solve lots of problems universally. It doesn’t matter if you’re experiencing any of the following: clogs, blockages, sediment, scum, or waste buildup, corrosion, erosion, cracks, leaks, or other damages. With sewer pipe bursting, we can easily replace your old, collapsed or broken pipe to remove these problems from your world. Sewer pipe bursting is an easy and painless process that can fix many of your pipe’s problems without batting an eye.

Why Go Trenchless

Trenchless methods of plumbing and sewer repair are oftentimes much cheaper than traditional methods for Shafter, CA businesses and residents. They don’t require the heavy excavation that traditional methods do, which can save you thousands in excavation, licensure, and equipment costs alone. Added onto those savings are the savings you get from not having to repair the excavation site. With trenchless methods, you can save upwards on repairs to your home or business property simply based on the fact that our techniques only require a small entry/access point which is usually already available on the property.

What is Pipe Bursting?

Sewer pipe bursting is a hydraulic-controlled method of sewer repair that seamlessly replaces an old damaged pipe with a new one. This new pipe is in great condition and carries The Plumbing Doc’s personal warranties and savings. Sewer pipe bursting is great for pipes in severe condition; if you’re experiencing very bad cracks, leakages, or burst pipes, sewer pipe bursting might be the solution for you.

The way pipe bursting works is that a nozzle head pushes apart the old pipe while pulling a new one in place. It bursts open the old pipe, breaking it completely apart and removing it out of the way of the new pipe, so the new pipe can fit snugly and seamlessly into the place created in the earth for the old pipe. The new pipe will fit the exact diameters and dimensions of the old pipe to ensure it fits correctly, which means the pipes will fit together seamlessly, creating one smooth joint without any hitches or complications.

Call Us for your Shafter Pipe Bursting Needs

The Plumbing Doc has plenty of experience, knowledge, and the proper equipment and tools to handle a job like this without destroying your home or business property. We’re happy to assist you with your pipe bursting needs; from inspection to repair, we’re here for you. Call us today for your consultation and quote.

Sewer pipe bursting is a process that can be easily managed with the proper equipment. Luckily, The Plumbing Doc has all the experience, equipment, and tools necessary to get your Shafter job done right. Call us today for your sewer pipe bursting consultation and service.



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