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When you need new pipes or conduit installed, horizontal directional drilling in Bakersfield, CA, and other areas offers a cost-effective solution. At The Plumbing Doc, our skilled crew arrives on time and treats you and your property with respect. Our prompt project completion, accuracy, and precision make us the go-to provider of HDD in the region.

As your trusted HDD provider and plumber in Bakersfield, CA we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We have completed hundreds of HDD projects with impeccable results.

The Horizontal Directional Drilling Service

To perform HDD, we first create a pilot hole and enlarge it. We insert the drill head, and attach it to a pipe. The head sprays fluid, which creates high-pressure jets ahead of the drill. The pressurized water clears away the soil and rocks ahead of the drill, allowing it to move forward and place the pipe. Pressure moves the displaced dirt toward the pilot hole. When drilling through tough soil, such as clay, we add lubricants to the drill so that the pipe properly glides into the desired position.

Issues We Address

When your property experiences sewage backups, water or sewer leaks, low water pressure, or no water or sewer service, consider HDD as a solution. If you notice foul odors or unusual growth patterns in your lawn or landscaping, these pipe symptoms can be solved with HDD. Through HDD, we address insufficient sewer and water line capacity, pipe leaks, and the need for new infrastructure. We also use HDD to replace deteriorated pipes and to connect new homes and buildings to existing infrastructure.

The Big Benefits of HDD

This method works in any soil conditions. The steering system allows us to detect and avoid underground obstacles. With HDD, we don’t have to remove existing streets, driveways, parking lots, or other infrastructure. The process also preserves trees and landscaping. Our equipment only requires one access point, so you won’t have to spend much time or money restoring your property.

Advantages of HDD over Auger Boring

HDD works for small- to large-diameter pipes. We use it to install water, gas and sewer lines for residential and commercial clients. We also use HDD for conduit installation. Our HDD equipment offers accurate and precise steering, which makes it easy to avoid obstacles. The HDD equipment installs several feet of pipe per minute, making it an ideal choice for very long pipelines. Auger boring requires more training, and fewer technicians have the skills to perform this service. Auger boring works best for installing small pipes measuring six inches or smaller in diameter.

Why Choose Our Team

Since 2004, The Plumbing Doc has been a trusted source for local plumbing services. We take pride in being a well-respected, top-rated company comprised of licensed, insured, courteous, and knowledgeable plumbing specialists. Clients can always expect:

  • Timely, attentive service
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Honest, reasonable rates, and accurate estimates
  • Discounts and other savings

Schedule an Appointment for Horizontal Directional Drilling

We look forward to installing the pipe or conduit you need. For more information about horizontal directional drilling, reach out to us at The Plumbing Doc today.



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