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For the times when there are water pipeline problems but it’s unclear where the location of it is, our sewer and water line and leak locating services are the preferred method for diagnosing these problems, and at Plumbing Doc we are proud to offer these services to the following locations and their surrounding areas:


Water Pipeline Leak Detection Services

Using highly refined methods and state-of-the-art equipment, our technicians can locate pipeline problems no matter how difficult they may be to find. First, our plumber in Bakersfield, CA will deploy the cameras into the system to find problems such as cracks, breaks, and tree roots in the system. We can inspect pipes up to 1000 feet. Then we use our line locating device accompanied with sonar to detect signals transmitted from the camera to pinpoint the exact location.

How Slab Leaks Are Located & Fixed

With many homes in the Bakersfield area build on slab foundations, water leaks can become a problem. Our specialized services such as leak detection in Bakersfield, CA are the ideal tools to save you money. We use General’s Gen Ear LE Water Leak Location equipment. It uses a highly sensitive and technical microphone system to locate the leak through sound hear the leak under the slab.

First, we use our water line location equipment to locate where the lines run under the slab. Then use our listening equipment to check along the route of the underground lines to reveal the exact location of the leak. This process minimizes the unnecessary removal of concrete flooring, making the repair process faster and easier.


Odor Location and Abatement Services

At The Plumbing Doc, our odor location and abatement services describe the process of locating and repairing cracked or broken vents or sewer lines without excavation. Our smoke testing equipment eliminates the guesswork from the odor location process. When using our state-of-the-art smoke testing equipment, if any damaged, broken or cracked vent or sewer lines are present, smoke will seep from the wall where the problem is located following the same route that the odor followed.

Once our Bakersfield Plumbing Professionals make visual location, then access can be cut into the wall at the correct location and the necessary plumbing repairs are performed. Plumbing Problem resolved. This is a very cost-effective tool, as it eliminates the extra time spent cutting and patching unnecessary holes and when an additional smoke test is performed after repairs are made by our experts, it assures you the customer that the problem has been repaired thoroughly and completely.

With the development of such an advanced yet simple process, hidden piping and vent problems can be repaired with ease. While traditional methods call for guessing and estimating the location of the problem, odor location and abatement allows for more specific and thus more dependable indicators of where the problem is located. The sophisticated equipment involved makes this process not one for the untrained – thus a highly trained professional must be called in order for the problem to be completely and reliably repaired.

Odor location and abatement is an increasingly necessary operation in the modern world based on speed and efficiency. Thanks to this advanced technology, problems that are usually well hidden are quickly spotted and fixed. People who choose to go with this leak detection procedure are able to rid themselves of any vent or piping problems with little stress and unnecessary damage to the wall. This procedure will save time and money for anybody – from the common homeowner to the top business corporations.

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How Thermal Leak Detection Works

Thermal leak detection can be used to find water leaks that are not clearly visible. You may have noticed a leak in your home or business due to water damage, and increased water bill, or other indications that water is leaking somewhere in your home. It may be difficult for you to find the source of the leak at first glance, which is why professional plumbing companies have thermal leak detection to find the source quickly and effectively. Thermal leak detection tools will spot even the smallest of leaks and help repair them fast.

  • It can reduce water damage to your home

Thermal leak detection can reduce water damage to your home by helping your plumbing company or repairman find the leak fast. Water damage can cause a rapid breakdown and a large amount of damage to your home or business. When you suspect a water leak, you will want to have it taken care of as soon as you possibly can. Working with a company that has thermal leak detection can be a major benefit compared to other companies that don’t have the equipment because they’ll be able to pinpoint the source quickly and get it taken care of.

  • The technology can find leaks without destroying your property

Another major benefit of thermal leak detection is the fact that it can find leaks almost anywhere in your home or building without destroying your property. Other more outdated methods require drywall to be destroyed or floors to be removed to find the source of a leak. These methods will leave you with a costly repair bill and they are not guaranteed to work. Thermal leak detection is very effective at finding the source of a leak even if it is hidden deep beneath floorboards or in a wall.

Your home or business is valuable to you and when you suspect that you have a leak you should definitely consider working with a company that has thermal leak detection equipment. Talk to your company and find out whether or not they have this equipment before you hire them. Ask them how long you can expect to wait for your repair, and be sure to call them as quickly as possible. The sooner that you call the better because you will reduce the total water damage to your home and you won’t have to worry about spending extra money on pipe repairs.


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