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Sewer Pipe Lining Your Sewer Lateral

Plumbing is the most used aspect of any household. Most tend to forget how often they use their pipes and drains because the majority are out of sight and buried underground. But let’s imagine for a moment: visualize everything that is flushed and washed down the various sinks and toilets you own.

Ok, no need to visualize in that much detail, but you get the point. There is a constant bombardment of waste, food, hair, and toothpaste that all needs to go somewhere. These items are not benign, they tend to stick to one another and will eventually cause blockages.
Your sinks, showers, and toilets, all of them are connected to the main sewer line. All of this stuff being flushed down the drain is funneled into a single pipe and then emitted to the sewer.

If you can imagine each individual drain and the wear and tear on them, imagine the drain that all other drains run into. This single all important drain is affectionately known as the sewer lateral.

Sewer Lateral

The one pipe to rule them all: if any part of your plumbing deserves your utmost attention, it is this one. Draining everything from your house and keeping your property sanitary and smelling good; the sewer lateral does it all.

This pipe, unlike all the others, is located outside of the house. It is buried underground, usually beneath the lawn, sidewalk, and maybe even a patio or a porch. Being outside, it undergoes more stresses than the average pipe. Rain water percolates around it, animals can dig into it, tree roots will find a way in, even settling and small tremors can crack the pipe. All of this movement and activity will break the pipe and cause leaks.

Leaking wastewater into your property is not safe or hygienic. It is not advised to let your Sewer Lateral go without proper repair.

Sewer Pipe Lining

Because of the sewer lateral’s hard to reach location underground, repairing can be complicated. Many companies will actually dig up the lawn to reach the pipe and replace broken areas. As you can imagine, this process is timely and expensive, not to mention terrible for the property!
Luckily for you, there is another way and it does not involve any sort of excavation. This trenchless technology is fairly straightforward; an impermeable layer of epoxy is drawn through the pipe, coating the interior of the old pipe. This material will act like a new pipe and can fully replace sewer laterals, even those with large chunks missing. Think of it as a brand new pipe inside the old one.

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