Steer Clear of These Plumbing Scams

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Your plumbing is one of your home’s lifelines. As a result, if something goes wrong, it can turn your home upside down. You can have a plumber in Bakersfield, CA from The Plumbing Doc come over to make repairs. Unfortunately, there are many plumbing scams out there, so it’s important to know to steer clear of them.

Multiple People Showing Up

One common plumbing scam involves a plumber offering you plumbing services, but once you’re ready to have work done, multiple people show up at your door. While you may have accepted work from the first plumber, you may not want to deal with their apprentice or random other people instead. The scam occurs when you end up having to pay the same amount to the helpers as you promised the plumber.

Bait and Switch

With the bait and switch plumbing scam, you’re promised high quality fixtures and parts by the plumber. However, once they bring in the fixtures and supplies, you’re given much lower quality items but get charged the same amount. If you accept lesser quality for a high price, you will probably end up having to get plumbing repairs and spending even more money.

Wrong Price Upfront

Another common scam involves a plumber showing you their credentials and giving you a set price upfront for their work. Later, they insist on getting cash only or taking money under the table. You can also spot this scam if the plumber asks for a certain percentage upfront.

Changing Estimate

If you need emergency plumbing services, you may be desperate to get someone to make repairs immediately. However, you should be wary of plumbers who give you an estimate but then say they’ll get back to you and later give you a much higher one. Another red flag is when you get an estimate but it’s not in writing. This is a scammer trying to get more money out of you and probably not even having the skill to perform the work.

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