The Main Parts of a Tankless Water Heater

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A tankless water heater is also called a direct-vent heater or a demand-vent heater, but they all mean the same thing: an appliance that delivers hot water directly to the user, with no need for a storage tank. While these are more efficient and require less maintenance compared to traditional heaters, it’s still important to provide your unit with the proper care to ensure optimal function and efficiency. The Plumbing Doc, trusted plumbing company, discusses the main features of tankless water heaters to help you:

The Burner

The burner is typically located at the back of the unit. This part is also called a propane burner, and it contains a pilot light that gets started by gas being fed into the appliance. Since this part is responsible for heating water to your desired temperature, be sure to call for prompt water heater repair in Stockdale, CA, at the first sign of a problem with your burner.

The Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is an essential part of the water heater because it works by heating the cold water coming into the unit. The hot water outlet takes its heat from this part. If there’s an issue with this part, your water heater will stop working. We recommend that you remove the heat exchanger, inspect it, and clean it at least once a year to prevent debris buildup and avoid the need for premature water heater replacement.

The Vent

This is the pipe that attaches to the vent line and goes outside. If you don’t have an outdoor space to place it, you can add an extension kit during water heater installation to accommodate the vent line going into your attic or crawlspace.

Regardless of how well you maintain your water heater, it will wear out eventually. When in need of quality water heater services, look no further than The Plumbing Doc. We have years of experience in dealing with a wide range of water heater issues and can provide you with quality and lasting solutions.

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