The Top Causes of Sewer Line Leaks

Sewer pipes in home, connection of grey polipropilen pipes and white corrugated pan pipe for washbowl, wash basin drain

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t think about your sewer line until a problem has occurred. And by then, your sewer system and property have already sustained water damage. Knowing the most common causes of leaks can help you prevent them from happening later on. The Plumbing Doc, your local expert in sewer repair in Bakersfield, CA, discusses more below:

External Causes

The roots from the nearby trees or shrubs enter the sewer lines through the cracks or seams. These grow thicker over time, leading to cracks, breaks, and leaks. The sewer line may also become clogged with the roots, which can cause sewage to back up your home or business. Scheduling prompt sewer repair services and relocating trees that are near your sewer line can help prevent this issue.

Aging Sewer Lines

Leaks are also common in aging sewer lines. As sewer lines age, they can become more brittle and are more likely to crack. If a sewer inspection reveals problems with your pipes, we would recommend a complete sewer line replacement to avoid other problems in the future.

Broken Pipes

Your sewer line can leak due to a broken pipe. Once a pipe breaks, it can cause wastewater to leak out and damage the surrounding area. If you notice any signs of a broken pipe, you should contact a professional for sewer pipe line repair.

Faulty Sewer Lines

Leaks are also commonly caused by faulty sewer lines. If the sewer line is installed improperly or is in bad condition, it can leak. You should have your sewer line inspected by a professional to determine if you do need a sewer line repair.

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