Top Causes of Collapsed Pipes


Most property owners anticipate their sewer lines to last for ages without even leaking. However, the truth is they can collapse due to a variety of reasons. Sewer repair services are some of the things that most people disregard until something untoward happens to sewer lines.

Here, from the go-to name for sewer repair in Delano, CA, are the top causes of collapsed sewer lines.

Old Pipes

Even the sturdiest and thickest pipes made from the best materials, succumb to age. Over the years, the pipes will start to corrode. They will inevitably begin to leak and finally collapse if left leaking for long. If your sewer lines are more than three decades old, it would be wise to consider a sewer line replacement.

Ground Shifts

Pipes can collapse due to ground shifts or movements. Sinkholes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters that move the earth can break sewer lines forcing you to look for a sewer line repair service. However, some pipes like high-density polyethylene (HDPE) can endure these disasters more than others.

Pipe Installation Issues

Unnoticed errors that occur during sewer line installation can make pipes collapse. If a plumber misaligns or leaves gaps between pipes, they can slowly start to drip. The leaks will erode the soil around the sewer pipe, creating unnecessary gaps and strains to the pipe. Ultimately, the section will become weak. As the go-to plumber in Delano, CA, we’ve solved many such issues.

Tree Root Invasion

Tree roots are sewer lines’ worst enemy. Roots grow towards sewer pipes due to the constant availability of water and nutrients. Over time, the roots can break into the sewer pipe, making them collapse. If there are trees around your sewer lines, consider hiring the best sewer pipe line repair service for safe removal.

What to do when Sewer Pipes Collapse

If you have a collapsed sewer pipe, then you need professional assistance from local plumbers. Look no further because the Plumbing Doc is here to assist you. Fill out our contact form today!



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