Warning Signs You Need Immediate Sewer Line Repair

Old Rusty Pipe for water in a trench open for repair top view.

There are many reasons that you might need services for your sewer line right away. But if you see any of these warning signs, don’t procrastinate. Make it a point to contact Plumbing Doc right away for immediate sewer repair in Lamont, CA.


A sewer line blockage can potentially cause sewage to back up, causing foul odors in your home. You’ll need a sewer line repair procedure right away if you notice noises or backups in more than one drain. If it is just one drain, there’s a possibility that it may just be an easy blockage. Make sure to call a reputable plumber to make sure there are no additional issues.

Problems with the Lawn

You may also need sewer line replacement if you notice that the landscaping around your home looks greener or there are indentations in certain parts of your lawn. These lawn problems could mean that part of your sewer line is damaged, so it is vital to get it replaced or fixed stat.


Pests tend to navigate toward sewage that is leaking in the yard or home. If you notice more pests around, you’ll want to check out what attracts them in the first place. Sewer repair services can help you address this so you won’t have a full-blown infestation on your hands.

Foundation Issues

A crack in your foundation may be due to issues that require sewer pipe line repair. If you have a damaged sewer line, it can compromise your home’s foundation, resulting in foundation cracks or sinkholes. However, you may notice that your home is settling instead of cracking, which could mean that you have a neglected sewer line that broke or has a significant crack needing repairs or replacement.

If you think you have problems with your sewer line and need a plumber in Lamont, CA, call Plumbing Doc right away to have it checked out!



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