What Causes Sediment Buildup in Water Heaters

Sediment buildup in water heater tank

Sediment buildup is likely to blame when your water heater’s efficiency declines or the water in your home turns a murky tint or shows rust flakes or other debris. If you’ve wondered what causes sediment buildup in the first place, The Plumbing Doc, local experts in water heater repair in Bakersfield, CA, has got you covered. We discuss the top causes of buildup below:

Broken Pipes

Occasionally, sediment buildup in your water heater could be the result of a broken pipe. It’s possible for soil particles to make their way into the water supply, and then to boil off as the water warms. To avoid sediment buildup caused by broken pipes, be sure to schedule prompt sewer repair when you notice signs of damage.

Hard Water

This refers to water that contains naturally high levels of magnesium or calcium. At higher temperatures, these minerals are able to settle to the bottom. When this happens, silt accumulates in the majority of water heaters. If the buildup causes the heating element in your water heater to fail, contact us for a new water heater installation.

Outdated Pipes

Having outdated plumbing might cause rusty flakes to fall off and into your water heater. Most of the time, this occurs where the water is slightly acidic. If you have an older plumbing system, reach out to us for quality water heater services.

Leaking Pressure Relief Valve

If silt, salt, or corrosion builds up on your water heater’s heating element, it may have to heat up more than usual to overcome the obstruction. Water pressure increases as the tank expands due to the high temperature. Once the pressure within the tank gets too high, it will burst. The tank could explode if the pressure inside it increased too much and you would need water heater replacement.

You won’t have to worry about this happening, though, because the T&P relief valve on your water heater will open and let some water out if the pressure gets too high. However, the valve’s failure to seal properly under such high pressure is still possible. If that occurs, the tank’s pressure will continue to rise until it eventually explodes.

The Plumbing Doc specializes in tank-based and tankless water heater services and can provide you with reliable solutions. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.



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