What Causes Septic System Failure

Damaged septic system

A septic system failure is a plumbing disaster you should avoid at all costs. It means the system fails to process wastewater and flow it out properly. The untreated wastewater is extremely unsafe, especially if it flows back into the house. Besides, restoring a failed system is expensive and takes time. The Plumbing Doc, a leading local plumber in Rosedale, CA, shares the top causes of septic system failure below:

Improper Installation

A septic system can fail when installed incorrectly. Septic system installation requires a unique technique. Burying it in a specific depth and specific soil absorbs and flows out the wastewater safely. That is why professional plumbing services are crucial. When you turn to the experts, you can be assured that your septic system will be installed properly the first time.

Lack of Maintenance

Lack of efficient septic system maintenance causes sludge and scum to build up. That takes up much space in the system, and the problem with waste accumulation is that it is a gradual process. Our experts help pump out built-up waste as part of our maintenance services. This can help prevent emergency plumbing issues and helps your septic system to last longer.

Damaged System

A septic system connects different parts, such as pipes and the drain field, to function properly. Damage to any part of the unit eventually causes system failure. The best way to avoid damage to your septic system is by having a plumbing company inspect it regularly.

Avoid septic failure or emergency issues by keeping your septic system in great working condition and being mindful of the signs of a problem. If you notice any issues with your system, turn to The Plumbing Doc for prompt plumbing repairs. Aside from repairs, we also provide professional plumbing maintenance, installation, and replacement solutions. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.



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