What Counts as a Sewer Emergency?

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Sewer emergencies don’t always choose the most convenient times to happen. Unfortunately, a delayed response can cost you thousands in repairs and restorations, so it’s important to deal with emergencies right away. The Plumbing Doc, trusted experts in sewer repair in Bakersfield, CA, discusses some common sewer emergencies you may encounter:

1. Water Leak

Not all water leaks are an emergency. However, as soon as you notice signs of a severe leak, you should immediately contact an emergency plumber for immediate sewer line repair. The structural soundness of your home could be compromised if it has water leaks. Some leaks are silent. That is to say, you don’t become aware of the problem until after it has already wreaked havoc on your property.

It’s also possible for mold and mildew to grow, which can cause significant health problems. It can trigger asthma attacks, itchy eyes, and other problems related to the respiratory tract. Leaking water poses an additional fire risk because it could get into electrical wiring. This can result in short circuits and wires that are too close together.

2. Overflowing Toilet

Several potential causes of toilet flooding include obstructions in the pipes or a malfunctioning float mechanism. In either case, dealing with this situation is a major nightmare in every sense of the word. If you need to fix something by turning off the water supply temporarily, you will require the assistance of an emergency plumber. In certain circumstances, you may be required to switch off the water supply at the mains. This is an urgent situation because if it continues, you won’t have any access to water until the problem is resolved. Calling for emergency sewer repair services should be done before having to cope with water on the floor.

3. Damaged or Burst Pipes

It is never good news when flooding occurs in your home because it might cause structural damage to your house. In fact, the rupture of just one pipe can cause the release of gallons of water in a short amount of time. This might cause serious damage to your home’s ceiling, walls, floors, and furnishings. Because of this, the security of the entire home is jeopardized. Burst pipes often require sewer line replacement, as they can damage nearby pipes.

When you notice any of the problems above, don’t hesitate to contact The Plumbing Doc for prompt sewer pipe line repair and replacement. Schedule an appointment today.



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