When is The City Responsible for Sewer Line Repair?

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When you experience sewer problems, it’s important to deal with them right away to avoid serious water damage. Property owners are generally responsible for maintaining and repairing the sewer lines that run from their property to the main sewer line. However, the city may be responsible for the repairs if the problem lies within the main sewer line. The Plumbing Doc, trusted experts in sewer repair in Stockdale, CA, discuss more below:

Collapsed Sewer Lines

A collapsed sewer line is when your sewer pipe has broken or caved in, which can cause a blockage in the system. This can occur due to old age, corrosion, or damage caused by tree roots. When a collapsed sewer line is located beneath a public right-of-way or city property, the responsibility for sewer repair services may fall on the city. The city is responsible for repairing the line to ensure the sewage system functions correctly and any potential damage does not impact the surrounding properties.

Blockages Caused by City-Owned Equipment

Blockages in sewer lines can occur for various reasons, including the intrusion of roots, foreign objects, and grease and debris. In some cases, blockages can also be caused by the city-owned equipment used to clean and maintain sewer lines. If such equipment causes damage to the sewer line, the responsibility for sewer line repair falls on the city.

Failing to Maintain the Sewer System

Failure to maintain the sewer system can result in various issues, including blockages, collapsed pipes, and backups. When the city fails to maintain the sewer system, which can then damage private property correctly, the city is responsible for sewer pipe line repair. This can include situations where the city neglects to repair known issues or fails to take appropriate steps to prevent damage.

Regardless of who is responsible for the repair, when you notice the signs of a problem within your sewer system, call a professional for prompt sewer line replacement or repair. To learn more about our sewer solutions, schedule an appointment with The Plumbing Doc today.



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