Why A Sump Pump Installation Is Advisable


The Plumbing Doc has been a premier plumber in Delano, CA, and nearby areas for 17 years. Sump pumps are some of our favorite projects. They play an important role in protecting your home by pumping water out of the basement. They also provide a ton of other benefits.

They Reduce the Threat of Mold Growth in the Basement

Our top local plumbing company would recommend installing a sump pump to keep water from pooling the basement. By ensuring the basement stays dry, it mitigates the risks of mold and mildew.

They Increase Home Value

Plumbing services may not sound as though they could add value to a property. However, if you install a high-quality sump pump in the basement, your home will get a boost. This is because it assures potential buyers that they are protected against flooding and other problems.

They Protect Your Home Against Leaks and Flooding

Plumbing repairs aren’t fun in the best circumstances. Standing waist-deep in water wouldn’t make it any better. With a sump pump in your home, something like that wouldn’t even be possible. That water would have been ejected from the basement by the pump instead.

A sump pump can also monitor leaks even while you are away from home. With modern sensors, they can send you a text if something begins leaking. This allows you to take immediate action so that nothing gets damaged, thus saving you from an even costlier repair.

Need Help With Your Sump Pump?

From sump pump installation to emergency plumbing repairs, The Plumbing Doc has got you covered. We offer top-notch solutions for all your plumbing needs. If you’ve got one that needs some work, we’d love to take care of it. Just give us a call today or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.



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