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Your Ultimate Spring Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

drain inspectionSpring is in the air, and it’s not only your garden that needs maintenance. Indeed, spring cleaning should apply to every homeowner’s plumbing system. But what does that mean, exactly? Here are some maintenance tips that will help protect your home against plumbing issues and are perfect tasks to add to your spring cleaning checklist:

Kitchens and Restrooms:

Did you know that water damage accounts for a whopping 22% of all homeowner claims? Even a small crack in a pipe can result in hundreds of gallons of water damage. That being said, check all faucets, toilets and pipes for drips and leaks. For sinks and bathrooms, ensure that all drains have strainers to prevent hair, soap and debris from clogging the drain lines.

General Maintenance and Drain Inspection:

If you have any infrequently used drains, pour a gallon of water to fill the trap and to prevent odors from entering your home. This kind of drain inspection will safeguard your home and family from future problems. If your floor drain is slow, snake them to ensure that they will be able to carry away water quickly. If you need help, enlist the aid of professionals to take care of your drain repair. Additionally, check exposed pipes in your basement for any signs of leaks.

Make Sure Your Sewer is Up to Snuff:

How old is your sewer? If your sewer is only 40 years old, then you might need to have your sewer replaced or repaired. Call upon trenchless sewer repair professionals to conduct a sewer camera inspection. While 78% of Angie’s List survey respondents have never heard of trenchless sewer technologies, using sewer inspection cameras, plumbing professionals can get to the root of the problem. This ensures that your sewer is working as it should — and if not, it gets replaced accordingly.

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