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5 Reasons Why Every Home in Bakersfield Should Have a Grease Trap Installed

Grease traps are a simple, traditional, and effective way to keep your pipes clear and respect the local environment at the same time. Installed between the kitchen sink and the sewer system, they prevent fats and oils from building up and contaminating the sewer system. At The Plumbing Doc, we believe that every home should be equipped with a grease trap.

Grease Traps Extend the Life of Your Sewer System

As long as you schedule cleaning sessions for the grease trap regularly, your sewer line will require less maintenance. Typically, grease builds up over time in the pipeline and can lead to nasty blockages, backflow, and odors. A grease trap prevents this from happening.

Grease Traps Control FOG

Grease traps work to prevent fat, oil, and grease from entering the drainage system, resulting in more efficient operation. By preventing cooking oils and fats from entering the pipeline, the flow of waste is uninterrupted and is sent to the main sewage lines in the city with ease.

Grease Traps Double As a Self-Cleaning System in Your Drain

Grease traps accumulate cool wastewater, which will effectively work to chill and solidify any grease or fat that escape the trap, causing it to float to the top of the trap. This prevents greases from accessing the pipes and creating clogs.

Grease Traps Reduce The Carbon Footprint

Grease traps are environmentally friendly. They reduce the amount of contaminated water runoff into nearby bodies of water. The grease from commercial traps can even be recycled into mulch, making grease traps very useful and practical in Bakersfield.

Grease Traps Reduce Sewer Backups and Pipe Overflow

Grease buildup is a leading cause of sewer overflow. By having a grease trap installed in your home, you do your part to reduce municipal sewer overflow and wastewater treatment interruption. When you think about it, that saves you money as a taxpayer in the long run.

Installing a grease trap can benefit you and your community. If you’d like to incorporate a grease trap into your drainage system, The Plumbing Doc can help. Call us today for a consultation and learn more about our services.

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