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Sewer Repair in Delano, CA

Every day, California residents generate approximately 4 billion gallons of wastewater flowing through more than 100,000 miles of sanitary sewers. Much of this infrastructure is aging and now needs to be upgraded, repaired, or replaced. The state’s growing population and the increased threat of extreme weather conditions have only added to these challenges.

In California, homeowners share the responsibility of keeping the sewer system functioning properly. Delano homeowners are required to maintain the lateral from their homes to the main sewer line, which is typically in the street, or nearby easement. This maintenance includes keeping the lateral line flowing and free of obstruction.

It’s easy to take your home’s sewer system for granted until something goes wrong, but an untreated sewer can easily clog and back up, causing major damage, but at The Plumbing Doc, we are prepared for these situations and can resolve them with speed and professionalism. Your search for a competent plumber in Delano, CA is over.

Sewer Line Repair in Delano, California

Many things can cause damage to a sewer line, such as clogs, blockages, leaks, and cracks. But the good news is that there’s a plumbing solution for all these problems, and the even better news is that The Plumbing Doc can do it all without having to dig up the pipeline. This is how we perform sewer repair in Delano, CA.

Trenchless plumbing is an advanced method that allows our technicians to repair and replace damaged pipes entirely underground. Compared to outdated dig-and-replace techniques, it is a highly effective approach that allows us to complete a project without causing large-scale property damage. Since it also requires less equipment and fuel, it is environmentally friendly, as well.

We begin our trenchless sewer repair process by completing a video camera inspection of your pipes, which helps us determine the extent and location of the problem. Based on what we detect during the inspection, we can then decide which method of plumbing rehabilitation to use.

Static Pull Cable

The Plumbing Doc recommends our state-of-the-art static pull cable system for repairing small leaks or sprinkler lines made with materials such as PVC.

Trenchless Line Replacement

On medium and larger sewer lines or those made from tougher materials such as metal, our experienced plumbing technicians recommend our trenchless line replacement process. This innovative method pulls a large, conical bursting head through the old, damaged sewer line, shattering it outward into the surrounding ground. On its way through the line, the equipment simultaneously slots a new sewer pipe into the same cavity the old pipe left behind.

If You Need Trenchless Sewer Repairs, Call The Plumbing Doc Today

California native Rick Clemmons founded The Plumbing Doc in 2004 and has built his reputation through word of mouth and a commitment to providing consistently outstanding customer service. As a licensed plumber, he has pledged to remain at the forefront of his industry by using cutting-edge tools and techniques that save his clients time and money. He has also assembled a talented team that shares his dedication to doing quality work with a can-do attitude.

For the best in trenchless sewer techniques at competitive prices, call The Plumbing Doc at 661-491-7154 to schedule an appointment.

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