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Sewer Pipe Bursting Bakersfield CA

Sewer lines are usually meant to last 40 years but depending on various factors, they could start giving you trouble much earlier. Even if your home or business is recently built, its plumbing system could be connected to older pipes, and their condition could threaten your overall sewer system.

Sewer lines can get damaged due to several reasons, and at The Plumbing Doc, we have the experience and skill required to repair any damage that could be affecting your pipes. Whether the lines are broken, blocked or corroded, our team can efficiently tackle any situation and fix your plumbing system faster than you can expect.   

No-Mess Trenchless Repair

The thought of repairing your sewer system probably gives you mental images of a big trench being dug up in your yard or under your neatly built patio or stone deck. Allow The Plumbing Doc to completely wipe that image off for you and explain how all the excavation and unnecessary costs to restore your property are not required.

Our expert team can replace your whole sewer system without needing to dig up any trenches or remove any old pipes. By using a sewer camera, we would simply need to locate the position of the fault or see exactly where the pipes are damaged.

Once we have identified the spot, we would make a small access point to the pipe and start repair work. Repair work through the trenchless method can be done in one ways – pipe bursting. After discussing which option would work best, we would get to work and in most cases, wrap up by the end of the day.

Pipe bursting

When we are conducting pipe lining repair work, we will insert a new pipe lining inside your sewer from the access point that we made. The new lining is made from a resin that hardens once inside and takes the shape of your pipes, whatever size they might be. This new pipe within your old pipe will replace your old, damaged sewer line and protect it from any future leaks or corrosion.

Similarly, with our innovative pipe bursting method, a large cone-shaped head is pulled by a cable through your old sewer line, breaking apart the old pipe underground and pushing it away. Simultaneously, the cable will pull into place a new pipe through this old line, taking its place. If your sewer line has broken because of age, wear and tear or any tree roots mass in your sewer lines, pipe bursting is a smart option to opt for to mend your system.

Restoration work has never been easier

Once your sewer system has been repaired, you will only need to close up the small access point, and no other restoration work will be required to your property. The Plumbing Doc can save you a lot of money and time through its advanced technology and expert technicians. Call us now and let us help you through our stress-free and mess-free services.

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