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Leak Detection Bakersfield CA

Water leaks in residences are a common problem, and in order to repair these problems quickly, at The Plumbing Doc, we offer professional leak detection services to all of our residents in the Bakersfield community. With the latest technology, we employ our leak detection methods without property damage or excessive digging.

In order to accurately locate leaks, we rely on advanced and sensitive leak location equipment to find the source of the problem. Our equipment is designed to find leaks within both gas and water pipelines, ensuring that we will be able to locate the problem and fix it accordingly. For locating slab leaks, we have a variety of equipment that we can use to expose the location of these pipes, including sonic ear listening devices and thermal camera imaging. Our thermal detection equipment is especially effective for finding very small and hidden leaks. This technology is fast, accurate, and extremely reliable. With these techniques at our disposal, we will be able to find any leaks in your home with ease, and without removing concrete flooring or tear through your property. Water leaks need to be fixed immediately, otherwise they can cause a significant amount of property damage. At The Plumbing Doc, we are proud to offer leak detection services that will allow us to identify the leak quickly and ensure that your home doesn’t experience any further damage or other problems.

Not only do we have the technology to identify leaks, our technicians are fully trained to operate our equipment and find troublesome leaks with accuracy and precision. Our team of professionals are friendly and understanding, delivering excellent customer service and long-lasting solutions to the problems plaguing our customer’s residential and commercial properties. Our technicians are experienced with fixing leaks, and will be able to come up with the best solutions for removing them each time.

Our team at The Plumbing Doc are specialists in leak detection, and you can rest assured that when you call us for our services that we will have the tools and knowledge required to eliminate the problem and restore your pipes to normal. You won’t have to worry about destruction of concrete floors or an overwhelming repair bill anymore because our leak detection services operate without needless demolition. Because of this, we can be sure that the solutions we employ will also be trenchless-based, ensuring that your property remains intact during the entirety of our visit as we conduct our work. Our trenchless solutions are conducted within the pipes themselves, and we do this through applying epoxy resin to the troubled area in the pipe and allowing it to harden as a new lining in the pipe, restoring flow and sealing away the leaks. These solutions are incredibly versatile and can be installed in both water and gas pipes, ensuring that we will always have the answers to your pipeline concerns.

Whether a leak is hidden beneath a slab or buried deep within the walls of your property, our latest technology and expertise have the power to detect it in no time.At The Plumbing Doc, our services are reliable, affordable, accurate, efficient, and professional. If you suspect that there is a water leak on your property in Bakersfield, California, then give us a call now at (661) 836-1620.

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