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Top Plumber in Lamont, CA, and Surrounding Areas

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When it comes to dealing with leaks, corroded pipes, and clogged drains, having a certified plumber in Lamont, CA, comes in handy. The Plumbing Doc is the company that comes highly recommended for all emergency plumbing problems and other issues. We believe that any customer that calls on us won’t be disappointed with our services.

Our Plumbing Services in Lamont, CA

One of the most popular services we offer has to with the remodeling of the kitchen and bathrooms in the home. This is where things get exciting because our company provides an array of fixtures and other items that will make any home look exceptional. For the bathroom, we can install new tubs, showerheads, sinks, new designer faucets, and toilets. In addition, we make sure that the pipes are the right size for the proper water flow.

For the kitchen, we will install a new garbage disposal, dishwasher, sinks, and faucets. There are designer fixtures in stock on our trucks that homeowners can choose from to make their kitchens look wonderful. However, any customer that has their own fixtures in mind knows that we will install those as well. That also applies to the bathroom.

Why We Don’t Recommend DIY

We know that budgets can be tight, and when a customer feels the pinch, they want to do certain plumbing projects on their own. That’s not a good thing because disasters do happen that will result in major damage and can be very costly. In addition, there is a chance for severe injury or worse depending on the project. It’s never a good idea to think that plumbing issues can be resolved without a professional. If the plunger can’t do it, then it’s time to call on us. We will work with any budget to make the service as affordable as possible.

We have general plumbing services in Lamont, CA that we offer, but what sets us apart from our competitors is the comprehensive services that we offer as well. Some of the work that we do will not be done by any other plumbing company in Lamont, CA.

  • Video Inspection- This requires sending a camera down into the clogged drain to see where the problem is for better accuracy in making plumbing repairs.
  • Sewer Camera Inspection- We have state of the art sewer cameras that can go in through a small hole without disturbing the entire yard or landscaping to show us what is going on.
  • Sewer and Drain Cleaning- We use hydro jetting to effectively clean out all drains.
  • Trenchless Line Replacement- All it takes is a small hole and camera to help replace any line or pipe without a lot of digging.
  • Water Heater Repair - We do install, repair, and replace both traditional and tankless water heaters.
  • Line Locating- We can locate the plumbing lines associated with any home.
  • Horizontal Boring- This requires installing a new water or sewer line where it never existed before and without a lot of digging.

Reach Out To a Plumber in Lamont, CA

Get in touch with us today. We are the top plumbing company in Lamont, CA, to handle the job. Other areas that use our plumbing services include:

  • Bakersfield, CA
  • Shafter, CA
  • Delano, CA

Call The Plumbing Doc today or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment with our team.

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