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Common Plumbing Problems

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If you own a home or business, you are likely no stranger to plumbing problems. Common plumbing problems are a fact of life that can happen at any point. Understanding and identifying plumbing problems early is vital to getting them fixed before you encounter property damage or a plumbing emergency. The following are some of the most common issues found on residential and commercial properties.

Common Plumbing Problems CA

Dripping Faucet or Leaky Pipe

Leaks can easily lead to a skyrocketing water bill, water damage around your property, or other problems. Your pipes are susceptible to damage, and even a tiny crack can slowly grow and leak water inside your walls, under your foundation, or elsewhere on your property. The constant drip of a faulty faucet is not only a nuisance, but also adds up quickly on your bill. A simple repair while the leak is small will keep your costs low and property damage minimal.

Common Plumbing Problems California

Slow Drains

A slow-draining sink or shower should not be fixed with chemical cleaners or other harsh DIY methods. A slow drain can easily turn into an overflowing drain if you aren’t careful. No one wants a flooded bathroom or kitchen, so let a professional handle your blocked drains.

Clogged Toilet

Clogged toilets are usually fixed with a plunger without an issue. If your plunger isn’t working, though, it’s time to call a professional plumber. If tree roots have invaded your sewer line or layers of buildup have closed off your pipe, those clogs will need to be cleared by professional-grade equipment.

Water Heater Problems

Water heaters typically last for eight to twelve years. You may not know your water heater has failed until you step into the shower and the water is cold. With that being said, make sure to call a professional as soon as your water heater stops working. Since your heater probably operates on gas, it is best to have an expert handle the repair for you due to safety concerns.

Failing Sump Pump

Your sump pump is a rarely used but extremely vital part of your emergency preparedness plan. It may be easy to forget about or ignore, but regular maintenance and repairs are important to the longevity of your sump pump. Periods of heavy rain, a power outage, or aging can cause your sump pump to fail. Don’t get caught without it and make sure your unit is well maintained.

When Should I Call The Plumbing Doc for Common Plumbing Problems?

Some common plumbing problems have easy fixes, like plunging a clogged toilet. That being said, when your initial attempts at fixing your plumbing problem are unsuccessful, let The Plumbing Doc handle the rest. Chemical solutions or mechanical drain snakes can do more harm than good, and even minor damage should be fixed right away using the proper tools and techniques.

In many cases, we are able to perform your plumbing repair using trenchless technologies. We leave your property intact and simply use an existing access point to inspect, clean, and repair your pipes. Even the most routine plumbing problems can benefit from maintenance or repair by The Plumbing Doc.

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