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Automatic Oil & Grease Recover Systems Bakersfield CA

Grease and oil separators are critical components to a smooth-running business and home, otherwise, the risk of sewer pipes overflowing and suffering from backups is always present. At The Plumbing Doc, we help our customers avoid these inconveniences by offering automatic oil and grease recovery systems to residents and business owners in the Bakersfield area.

Sewer pipes function optimally when transporting wastewater to the main sewer line, and oil and grease are dense, slow-moving substances that can inhibit the ability to move waste properly, which can lead to clogs forming over time and presenting health hazards for homeowners and business employees. Our models of automatic oil and grease recovery systems are designed to capture oil and grease efficiently and separate them from the wastewater completely so that the sewer pipes in your home can continue to flow smoothly. Our grease and oil traps limit incidents of sewage overflows and backups while saving you money and improving your sewer system. The models that we offer don’t need to be checked as frequently in order to operate efficiently, and because of this, the lifespan of your sewer system is extended. With The Plumbing Doc, you can rely on our models to keep your pipes clean and clear of problems.

At The Plumbing Doc, we offer two different types of automatic oil and grease recovery systems for our customers in Bakersfield:

  • goslyn™ MODEL GOS40 10 GPM Oil Recovery Device
  • goslyn™ MODEL GOS80 25 GPM Grease Recovery Device

In addition to offering these systems, our technicians are fully-trained and qualified to install them safely and adhere to the state regulations. With proper installations, you won’t need to worry about accruing any fines because our work is always well-done and completed to reach our high-quality standards. Both of our models are designed to be user-friendly as well, ensuring that they are easy to install and use when needed. All of our devices are installed with a five-year warranty as well, so that should any problems arise you can rest easy knowing that we will be able to assist and fix it accordingly. Most importantly, our goslyn™ devices are the most advanced and contemporary machines of their kind in the industry. With these latest models, they can perform their functions more efficiently than the older models. Because older grease separators have fallen out of business and can’t be included in kitchens anymore, our models serve to effectively take their place and keep your home secure from any surprise problems.

Our staff at The Plumbing Doc is devoted to customer satisfaction, and we are always happy to assist our customers with any of their questions or concerns. Our team of professionals will be sure to get the job done right while being pleasant and courteous to work with. We make sure our customer’s budget is addressed while working around your schedule to provide what you need at all times. For more information about the automatic oil and grease recovery systems that we offer in Bakersfield, call our experts at The Plumbing Doc today and we look forward to working with you.

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