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Old Pipe Repair

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Old pipes in your Bakersfield home or business can wreak serious havoc on your property, your wallet, and your life. If you need residential or commercial pipes repaired, rely on the trusted experience of The Plumbing Doc.

Old Pipes Bakersfield CA

Common Old Pipe Problems

Older pipes aren’t made from the safer modern materials of new pipes, which can lead to several problems:

  • Clogs. Older pipes can get clogged up with mineral deposits, tree roots, and other contaminants, which can force stagnant water or sewage back up into your home or business.

  • Leaks. Older pipes are more likely to leak, which can lower your water pressure, waste your water supply, and increase your monthly water bills.

  • Breakages. Older pipes can break and leave messy and time-consuming water damage and flooding in your home, office, and yard.

  • Corrosion. Older pipes can corrode, destroy your water quality, and increase your risk of health hazards.

Left untreated, these problems can increase your risk of extensive and expensive water damage, decrease the value of your property, and make life in your home or office nearly unbearable.

Old Pipe Repair Replacement California

Trenchless Pipe Repair Solutions

Don’t let old pipes get you down. The professional and experienced team at The Plumbing Doc can repair your Kern County pipes without the messy and destructive excavation of traditional pipe repair methods. Some of our trenchless pipe repair solutions are:

Video camera inspections. Using a high-tech camera, our skilled technicians can pinpoint problem areas in your pipelines. Then, we can send our state-of-the-art trenchless equipment through a small access hole to repair the pipes from the inside out.

Microphone inspections. Using a highly-sensitive and technical microphone system, our team can locate leaks through sound. This helps eliminate extensive excavation and speeds up the repair process.

Smoke testing inspections. Using state-of-the-art smoke testing equipment, our professionals can visually locate cracks or breaks in your pipelines. This cost-effective tool helps eliminate unnecessary cutting and patching of your pipes.

Thermal leak detections. Using thermal leak detection tools, our technicians can locate moisture intrusion without destroying your property.

Trenchless line repairs. Using trenchless repair, our team can line the interiors of your existing pipes with seamless and durable materials without digging up your property to remove the old pipes.

Our minimally-invasive and environmentally-friendly trenchless pipe repair solutions can help get your aging California pipes up to modern standards.

Pipe Maintenance Services

Once you have your older pipes repaired, you’ll want to keep them in top form. The Plumbing Doc can work with you to create an effective maintenance plan that can help prevent future plumbing problems and extend the useful life of your pipelines. Regular sewer and drain cleanings with our high-pressure hydro jetting can eliminate buildups, keep your pipes working at maximum efficiency, and reduce costly future problems and service calls.

So if you need your old residential or commercial pipes repaired or maintained, call the local and friendly professionals at The Plumbing Doc. We’ll give you the high-quality solutions you need to keep your old pipes running smoothly.

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