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Clogged Pipes

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Obstructed pipes can wreak havoc on your home or business. What starts out as a mild annoyance can quickly turn into an overflowing pipe if you aren’t careful. Trenchless technologies are changing the way that plumbing repairs are done by reducing the impact to your property. The Plumbing Doc is your resource for unclogging your pipes and maintaining full functionality of your fixtures using minimally-invasive techniques.

Clogged Pipes CA

Why Your Pipes Might Be Clogged

Your clogged pipe can be caused by human error, environmental factors, or a combination of both. Many materials, aside from toilet paper, won’t break down in your plumbing system, including “flushable” bathroom wipes. In addition, it can be tempting to put food scraps, grease, or other materials down the sink in your kitchen. Any of those items can become lodged in your pipes and create a problem.

Minerals, sediment, and scale can build up in your pipes over time, and the encrusted layers of material are immovable with normal DIY methods of unclogging. Lastly, trees on your property can work their way into your pipes in search of water or nutrients, particularly in drought-like conditions.

Clogged Pipes California

Unclogging Your Pipes

After inspecting your pipes to determine the precise location and nature of the clog, we will recommend one of many services based on the diameter of your pipe. Fortunately, we have the tools and experience to properly address the issue.

Since the clog may be formed in any part of your plumbing system, we will want to perform a camera inspection in order to find the root cause of the issue. While performing a camera inspection, we will also look out for any corrosion and concerns that may be problematic in the future.

All of our techniques are performed from an existing access point without impacting your property. We also are proud to offer environmentally-friendly options that don’t require the use of harsh chemicals.

Preventing Future Clogs

Doing your part to avoid clogs is important for the longevity of your pipes. Do not use your pipes as a trash can and make sure you properly dispose of paper products, food waste, and other materials.

Incorporating routine maintenance for your pipes will help you avoid future problems with clogs. The Plumbing Doc is happy to help you put together a preventive maintenance plan to avoid plumbing emergencies. Our cost-effective and minimally-invasive drain cleaning technology is perfect for clearing minor obstructions before they impact the flow of your plumbing system.

We are your trusted resource for drain unclogging and all other plumbing problems. The Plumbing Doc is committed to fast and friendly service at any time of the day or night. When clogged pipes are threatening to damage your property, reach out to us for comprehensive and efficient drain cleaning services.

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