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Sewer Camera Inspection Delano, CA

While some sewer problems are easy to diagnose, others may be more challenging. That’s why many plumbing companies, including The Plumbing Doc, have embraced high-tech sewer video cameras to provide accurate inspections of any sewer line.

What are the Benefits of Sewer Camera Inspection?

Why are sewer cameras so beneficial in the plumbing industry? For example, if you have slow drains at your Delano home or business, you may correctly surmise you have a clogged pipe. However, without being able to see inside your pipeline, you have no way to know how severe the clog is, what materials the clog is made of or where the clog is located within the pipe. Sewer camera inspection allows The Plumbing Doc to answer all these questions within minutes.

A video camera inspection consists of inserting a small, waterproof camera into your sewer line and viewing real-time footage of the inside of your pipes. This technology allows our experts at The Plumbing Doc to completely diagnose the nature of your problem and recommend the best solution. You’ll quickly appreciate the many practical merits a sewer camera inspection can provide, including:

Preventive Maintenance

Video camera inspections allow our team unobstructed access to your plumbing system. By viewing the entire pipeline, we can find and fix minor problem areas before they become a more disruptive pipe blockage.

Shorter Turnaround Time

The Plumbing Doc’s sewer camera inspectors can diagnose any problem fast, which helps us determine the best way to repair it. Video camera inspection has made many plumbing repair projects much quicker and easier.


A camera inspection is a smart investment in the health of your sewer system because it can save you money in the long run. With a camera, we no longer have to dig up your pipe to find the source of the trouble, which makes video inspections a highly targeted diagnostic tool.


At The Plumbing Doc, we are committed to saving you money by doing the job right the first time. That’s why we think camera inspection is so valuable. In fact, before this technology became widespread, plumbers took a much less effective, hit-or-miss approach to sewer repairs. Video inspections ensure ultimate accuracy.

Predict the Future

Wouldn’t you like to be able to see the future? Well, video camera inspection is like a crystal ball for The Plumbing Doc’s sewer repair experts. It tells us where problems are going to occur in areas we can’t see.

Schedule Your Video Inspection Today

Offering the most cutting-edge video camera inspection available, our team at The Plumbing Doc is proud to serve property owners throughout the Delano, California, area with our effective and affordable process. Plus, if you find a lower price from one of our competitors, let us know and we’ll match or beat it.

Our licensed and highly trained technicians are committed to providing 100 percent customer satisfaction, and the best warranties on both workmanship and materials. We are confident in the reputation we have built as plumbing experts. Contact us anytime to order a video camera inspection with the professionals at The Plumbing Doc.

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