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Horizontal Boring Services in Bakersfield, CA, and Nearby Areas

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Gone are the days of having to dig and excavate your lawn or flooring to repair or replace a pipe. The Plumbing Doc uses only the most advanced equipment to offer trenchless technologies that repair your plumbing and sewer problems without destroying your property. Horizontal boring by our professional plumber in Bakersfield, CA allows us to establish a new water or sewer line without a pre-existing line. Skip the mess and expense of trenching when you partner with The Plumbing Doc for your pipe repair, replacement, and installation needs.

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We are proud to offer our services to the following locations and their surrounding areas:

Residential Horizontal Boring

As you plan your home improvement projects, you may discover the need to run a water line through your yard or even under your driveway. The ideal scenario is to establish the line without having to break up your driveway or landscaping. With residential horizontal boring, the experienced technicians at The Plumbing Doc can complete the project without the added expense of excavating your property.

If aging pipes are showing signs of deterioration, our plumbing service can repair and replace those old pipes without digging through your yard. Horizontal boring is a drilling method that allows a water or sewer line to be established or repaired without digging. Our team is focused on finding a solution while preserving as much of your property as possible.

With horizontal boring, a boring head is inserted into the ground at an angle. A hollow pipe is connected to the bore head and pulled through the predetermined piping area. Once the path is established, a reamer is pulled through the path, clearing excess soil or rocks. A new pipeline is then pulled through the opening, establishing a new pipe with minimal invasion.

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Commercial Horizontal Boring

Horizontal boring is an ideal solution for commercial properties. The added expense of repair a parking lot or the building floor can deter business owners from making the necessary plumbing changes. With commercial horizontal boring in Bakersfield, technicians can run a new line from one side of the building to the other without disrupting the foundation or surrounding land. The Plumbing Doc team can offer extensive plumbing services and repairs that allow you to keep your doors open and avoid renovations due to the work.

Our experienced technicians are equipped to install, replace, and move water lines. Whether your home plumbing needs improvement or your business would be more efficient with an alternative pipe setup, we’re here to help.

Benefits of Horizontal Boring Kern County

Residents and business owners in Bakersfield and the surrounding areas choose horizontal boring over other plumbing techniques for a number of reasons, including:

  • No damage to landscaping, building, or foundation
  • Trenchless option is often more cost-effective
  • Project completed faster
  • Environmentally-friendly plumbing solution
  • Horizontal boring can save you cash and avoid damage compared to traditional methods used to establish new water or sewer lines. Using the bore head to drill an access point as opposed to extensive trench digging means your project is completed faster.

When it’s time to establish a new line near your home or business, contact The Plumbing Doc team to learn more about our horizontal boring method and if your job can be completed with the trenchless method.

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