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Your Reliable Plumber in Bakersfield, CA

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If you are looking for a plumber in Bakersfield CA, rely on a team that offers comprehensive services. Most people who are researching plumbing services do so because they have an immediate need for plumbing repairs. However, your needs may be very different or they may stray from typical daily plumbing issues. 

Here are some of the many services provided by The Plumbing Doc, the top plumbing company in Bakersfield, CA.

General Plumbing Services in Bakersfield, CA

A sink faucet that leaks and/or a backed-up toilet are common plumbing issues addressed under basic plumbing services. Clogged drains, clearing drains, and cleaning drains fall under this category of services, too.

Sewer Repair in Bakersfield, CA

Sewer repair in Bakersfield, CA, encompasses any tasks related to the sewer lines under your house and heading to the street. Businesses that experience a sewer line repair need will also call sewer repair services in Bakersfield, CA. Included in this category of services are sewer pipe line repair and sewer line replacement.

Water Heater Repair in Bakersfield, CA

Our plumbers handle all things water heater. From tankless water heater installation to traditional water heater replacements, The Plumbing Doc has it covered. A tankless water heater still needs connections to your home's water supply, and a plumber is exactly the right person to do it. Consult with any water heater services in Bakersfield, CA and you will find that The Plumbing Doc is right for all your needs connected to water heater repair in Bakersfield, CA.

The above services cover just the basics. Additional services included under the sewer repair services in Bakersfield CA include hydro-jetting, which clears a blocked line very effectively, and sewer pipe lining to repair sewer pipe bursting. Trenchless sewer repair examines common issues with trenchless sewer pipes and fixes them.

Emergency plumbing services cover practically everything else, including leak detections, slab leak detections, and exploding pipes. Leak detections in your basement or under your house can leak thousands of gallons of water without your knowledge. Slab leak detections are leaks in your plumbing when your house has a slab foundation.

Drain inspection and sewer camera inspection find unusual blockages that cannot be detected otherwise. These inspections uncover irregularities in the pipes, pipes invaded by roots, and dips in the pipeline where clogs can happen more frequently. Then the plumber can formulate a long-term solution for whatever is blocking your pipes or causing trouble.

Two other services provided by The Plumbing Doc include grease recovery systems and sump pump installation. Grease recovery systems are commercial plumbing systems that collect grease and hold it until it can be pumped out and removed. Sump pumps can remove excess water from the basement of your home or business and keep things drier during rainy seasons.

Schedule an Appointment With Our Plumber in Bakersfield, CA

Along with all of these services and water heater services in Bakersfield CA, we can repair, remove, install, and change how all of your plumbing works. Whatever service you need, reach out to The Plumbing Doc today to set up a service appointment.

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