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Trenchless Pipe Lining Services in Bakersfield, CA, and Nearby Areas

The Cost of Trenchless Pipe Lining in Bakersfield, CA

What many of us first envision when we hear the words “pipe repair” is a murky landscape of huge machinery, large work crews, noise for days and days, and the beautiful landscaping we nursed for years, or expensive driveway brickwork for which we saved for so long, all torn into a messy mudslide-looking environment with a huge ditch running through the middle. Fortunately, with The Plumbing Doc, you can get your pipes repaired while avoiding this scary scene and saving your Bakersfield, CA property from any damages.

Modern advancements such as trenchless pipe repairs take excavation out of the equation for your plumbing services. The processes, including sewer pipe lining in Bakersfield, CA, are called trenchless because there is no digging required. Instead of construction equipment and dug up yards, when you have a trenchless repair done you can expect a highly-trained technician with specialized equipment to come in and fix your pipes using already existing access points. The days spent waiting for work to be completed are now measured in numbers of hours and the ground surface of your beautiful gardens and hardscaping such as walkways, patios, and driveways will all remain unaffected.

We are proud to offer our services to the following locations and their surrounding areas:

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How Going Trenchless Saves You Money

The reduction in manpower, machinery, and time also reduces the costs that were incurred in days gone by. Average costs for a pipe lining repair in Bakersfield, California now run in the $95 - $102 per linear foot plus materials range. Total cost averages are around $300-$500. The range depends upon the location and the size of the pipe issue. It is important to note that these are just basic guidelines, and each repair’s unique features significantly impact final costs.

Trenchless Camera Inspection Basics

A trenchless pipe repair begins with diagnosis, to discover the position and cause of the symptoms you are experiencing. We use a sewer camera inspection to determine the location of any blockages, breaks, or cracks. The sewer camera is inserted into your sewer pipeline via already established access points. We start outside the building using the ground surface access point called a cleanout. This access point is a vertical pipe that was attached to the sewer pipeline when the system was first installed. The pipe ends just at ground level and is covered by a PVC pipe cap. It is usually found near one of the building’s exterior walls, just at grass level.

We can also enter the pipeline from inside the building. The P-trap, which is a small u-shaped portion of the wastewater drain pipe just under any bathroom or kitchen sink, can be used as an access point. The P-trap can be disassembled by our technician, and the camera fed from there into the sewer system. There are also access points in every bathroom, on the wall, usually near the toilet, that are covered with a rarely noticed round cap. The cap can easily be removed, and the camera inserted.

Once inserted into the pipeline, the waterproof camera and its attached video feedback cable is maneuvered all the way down to your sewer pipeline’s curbside connection with the under-street municipal wastewater removal system. The cabled video feedback allows our technician to see everything the camera sees, meaning the entire interior pipeline wall is carefully inspected.

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Issues Camera Inspections Can Identify

One of the conditions our plumber in Bakersfield, CA is looking for is scaling. Scaling is the buildup of minerals on the interior wall of the sewer pipeline. This rough collection of minerals allows other particles to snag and collect, sometimes creating a blockage, and sometimes coating and hiding a crack.

Hydro Jetting in Bakersfield, CA

Should a blockage, a crack, or a large amount of scaling be detected, our technician will first recommend a hydro jetting procedure. Hydro jetting uses highly pressured water and a rotating spray nozzle to scour smooth the interior wall of the sewer pipeline. The water is powerful enough to break apart even tough tree or shrub root balls that sometimes grow their way into a sewer pipeline via a tiny crack. A smooth surface for an interior sewer pipeline wall is essential for fast water flow and also to prepare the pipeline wall for a crack repair.

CIPP Repairs

When a pipeline crack repair is necessary, the trenchless cured in place pipe (CIPP) lining is often utilized. This process involves an inflatable liner coated with an epoxy resin. The liner is inserted into the sewer pipeline at the location of the crack. The liner is inflated, which presses the resin firmly against the interior wall of the pipeline. The resin is held in place for a few hours, allowing the epoxy material to adhere and harden into a durable new interior pipeline wall, successfully coating and erasing the issue. The liner is then deflated and removed and the repair process is complete. A second sewer camera inspection is often performed, to visually confirm the success of the pipeline crack repair.

Pipe Bursting

Should a very large crack be located within your pipeline, a trenchless pipe bursting method can be employed. While the name sounds a bit extensive, the method is not. This process is performed entirely underground. A new, incoming pipeline is fitted with a torpedo-shaped head called a mole. The mole and attached pipe are pulled into the original pipeline via a chain and a pulling machine at the other end of the original pipeline. As the mole enters the original pipe, it cracks the pipe apart and pushes the fragments safely into the surrounding soil. At the end of the procedure, a new pipe, exactly the same size as the old pipe, exists in exactly the same place the old pipe resided, neatly underground. The ground surface landscaping is completely undisturbed.

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The Plumbing Doc is in the Bakersfield, California area, and is ready to help you fix all of your sewer pipeline concerns. We are available after standard business hours and on the weekends to assist you with repairs that work around both business and household schedules and workflows. Contact us today for a consultation.

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