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Don’t Let Water Leak Under Your Home; Get Slab Leak Detection Today

Quick! Name the top three worst things that could happen to your home. Did you think of a fire? Getting robbed? How about flooding? For many homeowners, plumbing concerns probably don’t make the list. But for homeowners with concrete foundation however, a slab leak could be one of the most damaging things that can happen to their property. That is why we think investing in a yearly slab leak detection service can help you avoid bigger problems later.

Slab leaks can make your water bill triple or cause low water pressure and damp spots on your floor- and those are just the warning signs. The consequences of a slab leak are far greater, from permanently damaging your home to causing health problems.

Causes of a Slab Leak

So what is a slab leak exactly and how do they originate? They are leaks that happen underneath a concrete slab foundation and can come from multiple sources. One of the most common causes is the shifting of clay soil underneath the foundation. Clay expands and shrinks depending on the climate and wetness, and this shifting can put pressure on your concrete slab.

Your pipes may also have been improperly installed or be of poor quality and are corroding. If you have copper pipes in particular, it is important to get them examined as they are more susceptible to corrosion. Another possible cause could be an overly acidic pH level in your water, which can corrode pipes and cause irreversible damage.

The Risks of a Slab Leak

If you detect there is a leak in the pipes under your home, it is imperative to get them checked out by a professional right away. Leaking water can lead to mold and asbestos, which cause respiratory issues like asthma and other side effects such as rashes, fever and itchy eyes.

Your home could also face severe structural damage to the foundation and walls of your house if not taken care of immediately. The pressure of the water leak can weaken, shake or shift the foundation and make the building collapse. A foul smell, waterlogged carpets, and damage to your yard are also a side effect of a slab leak.

How to Fix a Slab Leak

In the past, detecting and fixing a slab leak used to mean breaking concrete, removing your flooring, and suffering from abrasive construction noises all day. Fortunately, here at The Plumbing Doctor we offer an alternative solution that is less invasive. Our slab leak detection can save you money and mess by revealing the exact location of the leak. First, we use our Water Line Location Equipment to locate where the lines run underneath the slab. We then use a highly sensitive microphone system to hear the leak underneath the slab. This process minimizes unnecessary removal of concrete flooring.

Don’t go for a temporary fix of filling in the cracks in your concrete when there could be greater underlying issues occurring. If you suspect a slab leak call The Plumbing Doc to check out the problem. We are dedicated to providing quality service for a quality price, and will even coupon match and honor our competitors discounts or match the price.

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