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From Drain Inspections to Sump Pumps, Here’s How a Trenchless Repair Company Can Restore Your Plumbing

sump pumpThere is no shortage of ways for your home’s sewer system to go awry, and unfortunately, these issues tend to arise more often than you’d prefer. Even worse, antiquated plumbing methods require invasive digging, and you can end up spending more than you bargained for to restore your landscape.

If you’ve never heard of trenchless sewer repair, you are in for a treat. Trenchless sewer repair is a relatively new type of service that forgoes invasive digging while providing high-quality inspections and repairs. About 73% of homeowners say they’d pay more for sewer pipe replacement if it would preserve their existing landscape or other outdoor features, and for good reason. You deserve professional sewer repair that will do nothing but restore and enhance your current system without causing further damage.

From drain inspections to sump pump repair, there are no limits to the ways that you can take advantage of trenchless repair. Here are just three of the many trenchless services that will save you time, money, and stress:

  • Sewer camera inspections

    Before your repair even begins, a trenchless expert will inspect your drains with a sewer camera inspection. Even if your home is new, its plumbing might be connected to older pipes. In fact, about 25% of Angie’s List members have replaced their sewer, and 3% say it’s a project in their imminent future. If your drains just seem to be a bit slower than usual, a drain inspection will diagnose the issue in a non-invasive manner.

  • Hydro jetting

    If trenchless experts do find a clog in your pipes, they have a litany of advanced tools at their disposal to rectify the problem. One of these techniques, hydro jetting, uses high-pressure water to blast away your clogs without digging a giant trench in your yard. Trenchless options can cost about 30% more than conventional digging in some cases, but it’s infinitely more cost-effective because you’re not spending thousands of dollars in additional restorative work.


  • Sump pump repair

    Last but not least, your plumbing issues may be contained within your home. Sump pumps are always causing problems for homeowners, and failing to repair them in a timely fashion can lead to flooding in your basement. In addition to trenchless techniques, a trusted company can also perform standard sump pump repair services to keep you dry and safe.

Thousands of homeowners are “going trenchless” every single day, and you’re strongly encouraged to experience the benefits of these advanced techniques. Get in touch with an experienced trenchless repair team and stop living in fear of sewer problems.

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