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Keep Your Neighborhood Beautiful: Stop Sewer Problems Before They Start!

Bakersfield’s motto is aptly entitled “Life as it should be”.  The city itself is beautiful, rustic, has a great local environment and a high standard of quality, healthy living. The community that make up Bakersfield are friendly and generous. Awards are given yearly to locals, groups, businesses and organizations for their communal efforts in making Bakersfield a better place.

But like all cities and homes, plumbing issues may happen at one point or another. Sewer problems often lead to smelly situations, inconvenient backups and possible environment contamination when wastewater escapes and gets absorbed by the earth. Then there’s the mold, the mildew and the structural damage.

Sewer problems usually arise from different causes such as root intrusion, pipe corrosion, leaks and ground movement. The more troubling aspect of sewer line repair is the use of heavy equipment to dig up your precious lawn, yard and garden.

Neighborhood peace is disturbed and your schedule for the following days or even weeks are forcibly put on hold. Then you’ll have to do the restoration yourself when the repairs are finished.

Stop Sewer Problems Before They Start!

If this is the reason why you think twice about having your sewer lines repaired, then you’d be glad to know that there’s a better way rather than tearing up your property. It’s a no-dig solution called trenchless technology. What’s great about it is that it can stop small plumbing issues from becoming a life-disrupting event.

Pipe inspection is carried out by our technicians to see if there are any issues with your sewer lines. A tiny, high-resolution camera is attached at the end of a long, thin flexible rod and inserted into drains or any access points within the house. The fiber optic rod is flexible and it can navigate around sewer line bends and curving pipes.

We check for any signs of trouble in your shower faucets, in the tubs, behind the toilet and the ones under the sink, all the way to the municipal line down the street. A single sewer line inspection can cover hundreds of feet of piping. Our cameras show the condition of your pipes via a video feed in real time.

Our advanced camera inspection does the following:

  • map a route to where your sewer lines are in your property.
  • travel deep into the underground segments and intersecting pipe systems.
  • determine your pipes’ overall state, the type of piping material and if it’s time to have them replaced.
  • show our technicians were the problem pipe can be accessed.
  • show us the exact nature of your sewer line problem. No more guessing!

Keep Your Neighborhood Beautiful

Regular maintenance can catch sewer line problems before they grow to be too big to handle. Bakersfield residents and commercial owners can wisely choose trenchless technology over traditional methods as it’s more efficient, costs less and is a boon to mother nature.

Call The Plumbing Doc to have your sewer issues spotted before they turn into a source of headache. We are available 247 and are fully committed keeping Bakersfield beautiful by helping residents solve and prevent sewer line problems!

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