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Residential Sewer and Pipe Line Repairing by Pipe Bursting Method

sewer repair Being a homeowner is exciting and rewarding, but it does come with the responsibility of fixing anything that needs to be repaired. As soon as you notice a problem with your plumbing or sewer system, it’s especially important to have the issue assessed because water can cause more damage to your property than just about anything else. From rotting structures to mold and mildew that can destroy your possessions and become a health hazard, leaking and broken pipe lines call for immediate attention. However, many homeowners hesitate to have repairs done because they don’t want to deal with the time or expense of calling a crew to dig up their yard, solve the problem, and then have someone else come re-landscape their entire property. This is what’s involved in traditional sewer line and plumbing repair, but fortunately, technology has made things easier. Now, homeowners in need of residential sewer and pipe line replacement can take advantage of trenchless repair methods. Trenchless methods remove the need to excavate your yard and destroy your landscaping and surface structures. One method of trenchless repair is called pipe bursting. The pipe bursting method is not only efficient, it’s convenient for homeowners.

The Pipe Bursting Method

The pipe bursting method essentially does just as the name implies: a new pipe is forced through the damaged one, bursting it apart in the process. When you choose the pipe bursting trenchless repair method, your technicians will arrive with a few pieces of necessary equipment. They will also likely do a digital inspection. After inserting a tiny camera into your sewer line to see what the problem is, they’ll know exactly where to feed the new pipe.

A cone shaped component called a bursting head will be fed into your sewer line — it’s significantly larger than the diameter of the new pipe and the old one. The size of the bursting head is what allows the old line to be split apart as the new one is fed through it. This enables sewer line professionals to ensure that your new pipe is perfectly aligned and correctly placed.

When It Is Useful

The pipe bursting method of trenchless sewer line repair is especially useful when it comes to replacing old pipes that have become cracked and worn. If you have a sewer line that’s decades old, replacing it with a newer one made of more durable, resilient material will save you money in the long run and help create a more efficient sewer line system. Pipe bursting is also ideal for property owners with elaborate landscaping who don’t want to ruin their yard work or have a lot of digging going on near their home.

Thing to Keep in Mind

Pipe bursting is a great option for residential homes, as long as the damaged sewer line or plumbing pipe is 60 inches or less in diameter. No digging or heavy excavation equipment are required, so you wont have to worry about the cost of time involved with traditional methods. Your driveway, sidewalks, garden, plants, and landscaping won’t be disturbed while the pipe bursting method is being used, and you won’t have to deal with pricey surface work repairs after the technicians put in your new sewer line.

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