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Residential Sewer and Drain Pipe Line Repairing by Pipe Bursting Method

One of the things a homeowner must regularly keep an eye on are maintenance and repairs. That said, immediate changes in regards to sewer lines must be met with decisive action. When that pipe breaks and when the water starts pouring in, you’ll need to have it checked as soon as you can in order to prevent further water damage. Your home and structure become invariably damaged- it can prematurely rot, cause mold and/or mildew to form on the walls, eventually becoming a health hazard that cannot be ignored.

Homeowners normally turn a blind eye on their sewage and drainage issues until it becomes worse. Understandably, they don’t want to spend the time and money to deal with the line replacement professional or the thought of having their yards excavated, then put back to normal by hiring yet another landscape expert. These are the problems that are common with the more traditional sewer line repair and replacements- fortunately for us, modern technology & digital world has made drain pipe and sewer line repairs much easier and lighter on the wallet. Property owners can turn to trenchless repair methods to get the work done.

What are trenchless repair methods, you ask? It’s the process of fixing your drain lines without destroying your yard or beautiful garden. One of these methods is called pipe bursting, which is a really convenient repair for homeowners and business owners alike.

The Pipe Bursting Method

Pipe bursting isn’t a destructive method employing the use of dynamites; rather, it’s a new technology that replaces your old, broken pipes by forcing in a new one, breaking the damaged pipe in the process. Pipe bursting trenchless repair method technicians arrive on-site with advanced equipment to make it happen. They check the scope of the damage, then insert a tiny camera into the lines to inspect it further. They then pinpoint the exact location and start the laying of new pipes.

The bursting head, a cone-shaped component of the trenchless repair gets fed first into the drain line. The diameter is larger than the sewer line’s, so it splits the old pipe apart and scatters the components into the soil, while guiding the new pipe along. Doing this ensures the new pipes are installed on the same line accurately and in perfect alignment.

When Is Pipe Bursting Useful

The pipe bursting method of trenchless sewer repair is very useful in many instances. It can replace old, cracked pipes better than any other traditional pipe replacement method. When thinking about replacing your old pipes with newer, more resilient piping materials, trenchless technology can help you install it with minimal day-to-day disruption. Property owners who have spent considerable effort and sunk in expenses to decorate their landscape will appreciate the non-invasiveness of pipe bursting as a way to repair their broken sewer or drain lines.

Some Things To Keep In Mind

Pipe bursting is an excellent trenchless technology for use in both homes and commercial properties as long as your plumbing or sewage line is below 60 inches or less in diameter. This innovative method does away with heavy equipment needed to excavate large swaths of land, saving you the costs of hiring the operator and the machine. All your landscape designs, plants, garden decors, sidewalk and driveway will not be disturbed and you won’t need to worry about surface work repairs once the pipe replacement is done.

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