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Sewer Line Problems: Warning Signs and Repairs.

Homeowners who are able to detect the warning signs that show their sewer lines have a problem are normally able to act before the problem becomes too costly. One of the most common problem homeowners face is the buildup of gunk and tree root intrusion. The sewer line will eventually get damaged or form cracks when this happens. So here is a look at some of the waning signs that show your sewer line has a problem.

Slow drain

It is normal for a homeowner to rush to the store and buy a drain cleaner when there is a slow drain in the showers, sinks or tubs. However, the problem may be more than what the homeowner can see. In fact, when you take hasty measures to rectify a slow drain, higher chances are you will make the problem worse. For instance, homeowners will go for harsh solutions and pour them down the drain. Although this will solve the problem at that time, it will corrode the system and cause further blockage. So a slow drain is an indication that your system has a problem and only an expert can repair.

Persistent clogging

When there is always a clog in your kitchen, toilet or bathroom then it means there is a problem with your drainage. This shouldn’t be ignored. When there is a normal clog caused by grease, debris and hair, a plunger can simply unclog it. However when the clogging is persistent, it means that there is a damage in the drainage that needs repair. So to tell whether the clog is persistent, consider running water through and note the flow.

Water level in the toilet bowl

When you see a change in the water level of your toilet bowl then chances are there is a problem in your line. You will notice abnormal variations in the level of water in your toilet when a sewer is blocked. So you need to call a qualified plumber to evaluate your system when you start noticing too high or too low water levels.

Damp spots

A floor that is constantly damp is an indication that the pipes lying underneath have either broken or clogged. A damp spot shouldn’t be taken lightly since the problem could get bigger. Dampness normally creates a favorable environment for mold and mildew which can be toxic.

Odd scents or sounds

There also comes a time when some different sounds start coming from the drain. Normally, they are gurgling especially when you pour water down the toilet, sinks and other drains. When this happens then there is a problem with the sewer lines. On the other hand, when your plumbing system is damaged, it will in most cases emit strange smells from the yard or in your drains. The situation must be assessed when that happens.

With that said, it is important to know what to do when you notice the above mentioned signs. A simple patch may repair your sewer if the rest of the lines are in good condition. However, you may be forced to replace the entire system when the above signs are clear. So consult a professional plumber to guide you.

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