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Should I Call a Plumber for a Clogged Toilet?

A clogged toilet is one of the most common plumbing problems in residential and commercial properties. Most of the time it is easily fixed with a plunger without any permanent damage, but there are scenarios where a clogged toilet is indicative of a more serious plumbing problem. Why Your Plunger Isn’t Working

If you’ve tried to use a plunger without any success, you could have an obstruction farther down your sewer line that needs the attention and equipment of a professional. Tree roots can invade your sewer line in search of nutrients and eventually block the pipe completely. Likewise, mineral buildup or excessive amounts of paper products can cling to the interior of your pipe and eventually restrict the flow of water.

These stubborn clogs are difficult or impossible to clear with a plunger. When your own efforts are unsuccessful, trust the experts at The Plumbing Doc.

Repairing Your Clogged Toilet

We use the latest technology to inspect and repair your sewer line. A camera inspection can be used to identify the precise location and severity of the obstruction, allowing us to make informed recommendations for repairs.

Drain cleaning is often the most efficient way to get rid of sewer line obstructions. Hydro jetting is one technique that uses a pressurized stream of water to power-wash the inside of your plumbing system. It can blast through even the toughest materials to unclog your sewer system.

We can also perform repairs or pipe replacement as needed. We use minimally-invasive techniques as frequently as possible to avoid digging up your property. The advanced trenchless technology we use during sewer line repairs is not available at your local hardware store, so you’ll need to call a professional to enjoy the benefits of modern plumbing repair.

Call The Plumbing Doc for Your Clogged Pipes

Fixing a clogged toilet yourself sounds like an easy task, but sometimes clogs can be impossible to dislodge. A plunger is typically all you need to clear an obstruction, but it’s nearly impossible when more serious plumbing problems are present. You can trust The Plumbing Doc to fix your clogged sewer line quickly and easily with the conveniences of our modern repair methods

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