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The Benefits of Lift Stations and How We Keep Them Maintained

The reality of owning property is that there are many hidden expenses and complications that aren’t apparent right away. Not every site has the ideal gravity for proper sewage drainage, which is where lift stations come in. Lift stations are an affordable solution when your property isn’t equipped with the ideal elevation for a sewer system. If you started construction on a property and discovered you have less than ideal elevation, and you don’t want to break the bank, a lift station may be the answer.

Designed to pump wastewater from a low elevation to a higher elevation, lift stations are perfect for budget-conscious clients who want to avoid the excessive construction costs that would accompany remediating the elevation at their properties. These convenient machines do all the work for your land and your sewer system.

Lift stations are comprised of a pump, electrical equipment, and valves. They can be incorporated into your system seamlessly and blend into the surrounding equipment so they don’t stand out. In fact, many lift stations are submersible into surrounding equipment, making them an excellent choice for uniform commercial buildings. Lift stations are also cheaper than similar options, like well stations, and require less routine maintenance. At a more affordable installation price and a less temperamental system, lift stations will save you money in the long run, making them an economical choice.

One of the most beneficial aspects to lift stations is that they are extremely durable and designed to withstand heavy use, so you won’t have to replace them often with proper maintenance. In fact, many steel lift stations can last up to twenty years.

The Plumbing Doc has the correct expertise and equipment needed to help you if you need your lift station maintained or a new lift station installed. Call us today so we can schedule a consultation and answer your questions.

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