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The Process and Applications of Slab Leak Detection Services

Slab leaks are a serious matter that can go from just foul smells to asbestos growth to even a shift in your foundation. This is why early detection is so vital to the health and integrity of your home. Thankfully, here at The Plumbing Doc, we have the ability and the tools to find these leaks and address them.

How Slab Leaks Form

Slab leaks develop from multiple factors. Pipe corrosion and high water pressure are fairly common causes, but poorly constructed pipes or even friction from concrete can be sources of wear and tear. If a leak does spring from the slab, there will be identifiable signs. Higher than usual water bills are a symptom, as well as the sound of running water when all the facets have been turned off. There can even be the smell of sewage. If you are experiencing any of these, please call us right away so we can help you minimize any possible water damage.

How We Fix It

Our leak detection first uses our water line detection equipment so we can find the location of your pipes. Then we use our General Gen Ear LE Water Leak Location gear. This is a highly sensitive microphone that helps our technicians find the leak by listening to find it. The microphone is run alongside the underground pipes, which reduces the possibility of concrete removal to find the location of the leak. Once the microphone alerts the technician, we can begin with fixing it.

Call The Plumbing Doc Today

Our slab leak detection is simple and time efficient and can help prevent an unnecessary concrete removal. We are proud of our services and aim to give you the best experience possible! If you are worried that you may have a slab leak, please give us a call to speak to our friendly technicians or schedule an appointment.

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