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Top Warning Signs of Water Heater Repair in Bakersfield

Water Heater RepairYou most likely don’t give it much thought but your hot water heater works every day for you and your family providing hot water straight from the tap. In undeveloped countries, this is seen as a luxury. In Bakersfield, having a hot water heater repair is just a fact of everyday life. But like all other appliances, water heaters don’t last forever. While you may eventually need to replace yours, and the average lifespan is about a decade, having repairs made when a problem first starts to make itself known can extend that lifespan enough to make the repairs cost-effective. Here are a few of the most important top warning signs your hot water heater can send to you.

Rusty or discolored water.

Water that is other than clear has picked up contaminants or impurities along the way. If these are being created outside of the water heater, your cold water will also have a discoloration, as well. If it’s only in your hot water coming from the tap, then the interior tank on the water heater most likely is rusting. This rust can create further problems with the heating element, the interior tank, and discolor your clothing when in the washing machine. It can also cause your washing machine’s tank to pick up rust if the particles are large enough to wear away at the ceramic coating found inside the washer’s basket.

Making noise and other sounds.

When a water heater is beginning to have problems, noises can start to be heard oftentimes. This is because the water may be blocked at the intake line while the hot water is being drained by someone using it elsewhere in the home. If a gurgling noise is heard, you need to shut off your hot water heater immediately and call a qualified repair technician. Gurgling sounds often mean that the water inside has reached boiling temperatures, which can lead to a very dangerous situation, plus lead to burns from coming into contact with scalding water.

Water under the water heater.

Leaks from fittings and water line joints are not always the problem when this is visible. The interior tank can be cracked. When the water temperature changes inside, the interior tank can expand and contract. Even though this is minuscule, it is often enough for water to seep out.

Smelly, stinky water coming from the hot water tap.

Water that smells bad is often bad because it’s suffered from chemical changes inside it while in the hot water heater’s tank. This may be from sediment building up and partially blocking the heating element, keeping it from heating up as hot as it should, which in turn allows bacteria and other pathogens to breed inside that water. These pathogens, in turn, create the foul smell, letting you know of their presence. Bathing, cooking, and especially drinking tea made with this hot water should be avoided at all costs to protect your health.

When you’ve started to experience one or more of these symptoms, it’s time to call qualified help who can help you determine the ability to repair, or the need to replace, your hot water heater.

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